How to Get Better at League of Legends

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In League of Legends, the vast majority of players are below platinum on the ranked ladder. Being a complicated game, it can often prove difficult to improve at it. There are many concepts that go unexplained and it is a title that requires players to do research outside the game for optimal performance. The obtuse nature of some of the systems at play is further exacerbated in that League of Legends is a set up in a way that encourages multiple games to be played in one play session, meaning this prevents players from taking a step back and analyzing mistakes and decisions made. There are a number of ways to learn about to How to Get Better at League of Legends and this advice will prove that much of the rhetoric about the blame being entirely on other players is misplaced frustration.

How do I get better at League of Legends?

  • Don’t stretch yourself too thin
  • Choose a lane and stick with it
  • Small champion pool
  • Simple champions, simple mechanics

One of the biggest traps for players is trying to be a jack of all trades when it comes to roles played. Players mistakenly believe that playing more than two roles is the best way to climb when in fact limiting oneself is the correct course of action. While all players should undoubtedly have a familiarity and understanding of all roles, stretching yourself will hinder performance as you will be a master of none. Role selection was implemented into solo queue because this is pushed by Riot.

Choosing one role as the main role is a critical decision that must be made before any improvement will be seen. Sticking with this decision is equally important. Each role has its own strengths and weaknesses and those need to be fully understood.

In line with limited roles is limiting one’s champion pool. Players will too often ask for advice and then play twenty different champions over the course of twenty games. When a champion pool is large, familiarity with a specific champion cannot be reached. How can one expect to win when he or she does not even understand the limits of the champion being played?

Having a small champion pool breeds familiarity and when there are fewer unknown variables with mechanics, more time can be spent focusing on the macro elements of League of Legends. For that reason, simple champions are always better for players looking to improve.

When someone uses a mechanically complex champion such as Yasuo, a lot of energy must be expended simply on doing combos correctly and performing the champion to an adequate level. When a champion like Annie is played instead, there is a lot less to understand and the champion can be mastered in a much smaller number of games. Simple champion and simple mechanics will allow you to understand all the other elements of the game to a more satisfactory level and you will know How to Get Better at League of Legends.

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What tools are available in the client to improve?

  • Take advantage of the practice tool
  • Always watch replays

One of the biggest criticisms levied against Riot Games and by extension League of Legends for a number of years was the lack of a practice tool in the game which was alarming considering how important it is to other competitive titles. With the release of patch 7.2, a practice tool was finally implemented.

The practice tool is a vital component of improvement. It is a no pressure environment where mechanics can be practiced and builds tested. Game aspects can be changed to suit the play style being tested such as increasing champion level to any desired level. There is absolutely no excuse to play a ranked game with a never before played champion when the practice tool exists.

Another element added to League of Legends within the last few years was the ability to watch replays of past games within the client. The replay system is a system in which a past game can be viewed by going into match history and clicking a button. Too often players rush from game to game without putting thought into mistakes made.

The replay system allows for critical examination of plays made in previous games. By critiquing yourself, you can learn from past mistakes and with active reminders, can prevent those from happening again in the future. In the current state of League of Legends, there are enough tools available that improvement is possible for all players.

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What can I use outside the game to improve at League of Legends?

  • Twitch
  • Avoid quiet streamers

When League of Legends first launched, Twitch was not yet a household name. Over the course of the lifespan of League of Legends, Twitch has become a dominant platform for e-sports and as a result has become arguably the best way to improve at the game. Twitch provides all players with a free means of watching high-level players and watching them and learning from their thought processes gives new insights into the game.

When trying to find a streamer to learn from, focus on those who talk often. While insight can be gained from watching anyone, a player willing to talk through decisions being made throughout the course of the game will enable you to make the correct decisions when uncertainty looms. The problem for many low ranked players is being unaware of the differences between players of their rank and those of higher ranks. Twitch provides that access and make sure you utilize it.

Final Thoughts

Improvement in any area requires active learning and engagement with the subject material. Those steps must be taken with League of Legends. Replays and the practice tool are perfect for learning what mistakes are being made and then putting correction into practice. Before more games are played, limit roles and champions played as both decisions will allow you to focus on the more difficult to understand concepts of League of Legends, specifically all of the elements of macro play. Twitch is a vital tool that gives access to the best players on any server and use it to learn how your play differs. There is a lot of knowledge available to all players and take advantage of it and learn How to Get Better at League of Legends. You may very well surprise yourself with the results.

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