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How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends

By | August 8th, 2018 | Categories: League of Legends

League of Legends is not and has never been a game that provides immediate signs of progress. In being a free-to-play game, there is inherently a grind that is associated with it. The grind may appear in different forms, but the road to long-term rewards remains in place all the same. In relation to this, League of Legends has a leveling system for all players.

Leveling a new account is intended to act as the means by which a newcomer learns the game and prepares him or herself for the more intensive features of League of Legends. While the verdict is still out as to how well leveling prepares players, it is a part of the game that will most likely never go away and can be exploited to reach ranked play as soon as possible. If you are a new player or are leveling a new account for smurfing purposes, then it is important to know How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends. If you take advantage of these methods, you will start climbing those levels much faster than normal and be well on your way to reaching the end game.

How do I level up fast?

  • Twisted Treeline
  • Utilize boosts
  • First Win of the Day bonus

When playing League of Legends for the first time, the game can certainly be intimidating. One such reason is the leveling system. If you are new to the game and are unfamiliar with its numerous concepts, knowing what to do or where to start is challenging, to the say the least. When the account is first created, a player is forced to play games versus AI opponents, which are intended to act as a way to slowly introduce you to the core mechanics League of Legends has to offer.


The most well-known map is Summoner’s Rift which is used for all professional games. If you have watched League of Legends on any platform, it is very likely this is the only map you may be familiar with. However, there is a lesser-known map known as Twisted Treeline, which was created for teams of three. While you may be itching to escape AI games and test your mettle against real opponents, playing AI games on Twisted Treeline specifically, is the fastest way to level an account from scratch.

With only three opponents and two other teammates to worry about, not only is the map less stressful compared to Summoner’s Rift, it is a lot easier to destroy the nexus given how much smaller it is as well. It should be noted that while AI games give nerfed EXP at levels 10 and 20 respectively, they still remain the preferred method given how much variance can be found in blind pick games against real opponents.


The most important aspect to remember amidst this information is the time element. Players may believe in rushing down the nexus as soon as possible to play as many games as possible for valuable EXP. However, games are required to be at minimum eight minutes in length for any EXP to be handed out after the game’s end. With that outlined, there are other elements that should be taken advantage of to further speed up the leveling process, namely win boosts, duration boosts, and the First Win of the Day bonus.

With any free-to-play title, often times the game is made easier if players opt in to use real-world money to purchase various advantages. While there is nothing that can be bought that will alter the gameplay experience when it comes to leveling accounts both win boosts and duration boosts can be purchased. A win boost is a set EXP boost to a flat number of games ranging between three at the lower end and forty at the higher end. The win boosts will add approximately 210 EXP per win and as the name implies will only be added after wins, which includes both AI games and standard games.

A duration boost lasts for a specified number of days and doubles the amount of EXP earned from the game. The key difference between the two is that the duration boost does not only work with wins, lessening the pressure quite a bit for the player. A duration boost can be bought for one day at a minimum and thirty days maximum. However, it cannot be stacked with the First Win of the Day bonus.

Every twenty hours, the first win on any account will receive a flat 400 EXP which is quite significant given how much is typically awarded after most games. Receiving this bonus is absolutely critical when being as efficient as possible in leveling.

What is the maximum level in League of Legends?

  • No cap level
  • Level 30 required for ranked

Every year Riot Games makes significant changes to League of Legends during the preseason which takes places during the winter months prior to the official launch of the upcoming season. During Season 8’s preseason, Riot announced that the level cap would be abolished and that IP would be replaced with Blue Essence.

As has been the case for many years, ranked is locked away from new accounts until level 30 is reached. Despite the changes, that requirement stayed intact. Level 30 also acted as the threshold for full access to the new rune page system. Level 30 is an important milestone for new players and when leveling accounts are discussed, it is always with this goal in mind.

While it is interesting that the level cap was removed, it was mainly done so to further the loot system League of Legends now has in place. When a new level is reached, a player will receive a chest that does not require keys and can offer a different number of items including champions, skins, and Blue Essence. Riot wants to push League of Legends to a loot based future and these changes certainly help make it a very real possibility.

Final Thoughts

Being new at any endeavor is daunting. With League of Legends, in particular, it is even more so given just how much knowledge is required to fully understand the game. If you are new to League of Legends or are leveling up a fresh account, you may be oblivious as to the fastest methods to reach level 30 and beyond. The answer is rather simple: play AI games on Twisted Treeline. Given the number of players and structure of the map itself, games against computer opponents on the map are simply the fastest. Games can be supplemented by both win and duration elo boosts, but even if spending money is not a viable option for you, the method itself will work if time is put into it. At the end of the day, while there may no longer be a level cap, hitting level 30 is crucial for anyone looking to take full advantage of everything the game has to offer, and if you get that First Win of the Day and grind out the games, it will be within reach before you know it.

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