League of Legends Hwei abilities revealed

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By | November 19th, 2023 | Categories: League of Legends

Riot Games revealed Hwei—the latest champion coming to League of Legends—at the LoL World Championship Final and what his abilities would do. Besides T1 being the victors in their match with Weibo Gaming, Faker holding the Worlds trophy four times in a row isn’t the only thing fans looked forward to.

Hwei is a mage designed to be played in the mid-lane. What makes him unique is that he’s the first human male mage for the position. For decades, we’ve had Yordles, Vastayas, and the Ascended part of the Summoner’s Rift—why not humans? In this guide, we’ll examine his abilities as there are loads to unpack in his kit.

LoL Hwei: The Most Complicated Champion in League of Legends?

Hwei is expected to be one of the more complicated champions in the game. With 10 different abilities in his arsenal, you could say that he’s similar to Aphelios, where you can use his abilities at different times to get different results.

Hwei has three sets of basic abilities, all containing three spells. When you use one ability from each set, the other two in that set will go on a cooldown, so it’s all about choosing the right spell to use from a group. To sum it up, each of Hwei’s spells has its own spell school, allowing you to combine his abilities, depending on the situation.

Hwei League of Legends Abilities

Passive: Signature of the Visionary

Hwei’s damaging abilities against enemies will mark them for a few seconds. Hitting marked enemies with a damaging ability creates an explosion underneath the opponents, detonating after a short delay and dealing magic damage to all targets in its range.

Wash Brush (E+R/Q+R/W+R)

Hwei clears his paintbrush and returns to using his base abilities without cooldowns or using mana.

Subject: Disaster (Q)

Subject: Disaster is a spell group that focuses on dealing damage while using other abilities as a combination.

Devastating Fire (Q+Q)

Hwei creates a blazing fireball that flies out in a direction. The fireball will explode on the first enemy it hits or at maximum range. This ability deals magic damage plus percent max health magic damage to all enemies in its area around it.

Severing Bolt (Q+W)

Hwei paints a bolt at a target location, which can be used at a long range. After a short delay, the bolt strikes, dealing magic damage. Any isolated or immobilized enemies hit by Severing Bolt take increased damage based on their missing health.

Molten Fissure (Q+E)

Molten Fissure is a field of exploding volcanic eruptions. This ability creates a lingering lava in its path, with every eruption dealing magic damage to enemies that are hit. Enemies in the lava area will be dealt magic damage per second and slowed.

Subject: Serenity (W)

Subject: Serenity is a spell group focused on providing Hwei utility.

Fleeting Current (W+Q)

Generates a current of swift waters in a line for a few seconds, granting Hwei and his allies increased movement speed.

Pool of Reflection (W+W)

Hwei forms a protective pool at a target location that lasts a few seconds, creating a shield.

Stirring Lights (W+E)

An ability with three swirling lights circling around Hwei for several seconds gives him an attack buff that deals bonus damage and gives him mana whenever he hits an opponent.

Subject: Torment (E)

This spell school is focused on giving Hwei more control by providing CC abilities.

Grim Visage (E+Q)

Launches a terrifying face that strikes the first enemy hit. This ability deals magic damage and causes the targeted champion to flee briefly.

Gaze of the Abyss (E+W)

Creates an abyssal eye in a targeted location that grants vision, locking onto the nearest visible enemy. After a delay, the eye fires at the locked-on champ, rooting the first enemy for a few seconds and dealing AP damage to them.

Crushing Maw (E+E)

Crushing Jaws grabs enemies caught inside the skill and pulls them toward the center, slowing them for a while.

Spiraling Despair (R)

Hwei’s ultimate ability launches an orb that sticks to an enemy for a few seconds. It will slowly expand all enemies it touches, dealing AP damage per second within a zone. Targets caught in the zone are also afflicted with stacks of Despair. Each stack of Despair applies to a stacking percent slow. Spiraling Despair then shatters, causing more magic damage.

League of Legends Hwei Release Date

It’s too early to say whether Hwei will be a broken champion when he enters Summoner’s Rift. His gameplay can certainly make some people’s heads spin because of the complexity of his abilities. His impact will be determined by quick decision-making and fast reactions. One thing’s for sure, though: Hwei is one of Riot’s most ambitious champions to date.

Hwei will be live on PBE servers starting November 20, 2023. On the other hand, his official live server release date is scheduled for December 8, which coincides with the final update of the year (Patch 13.24).

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