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This is the place to find the most up-to-date LoL updates and patch notes, as well as the odd TFT patch note.

LoL’s Next Hero Leaked: Nilah

The latest League of Legends patch dropped recently but with it also came an exciting new leak – a potential new hero. During the Season 12 preview, Riot mentioned that a fresh botlaner would be introduced to LoL and according to the leaks, this addition seems to be on track. Nilah is the potential new hero and her kit is as exciting as her aesthetic. She uses a whip-like weapon which is speculated to allow her to vary her attack range, making laning and ganking easier. She will most likely be a melee ADC with some ranged capabilities. The leak also suggests that Nilah will most likely be themed around the element of Water, leaving the possibility of exciting aquatic spells and mobility options.

When will Nilah be released?

The leakers have speculated that Nilah is most likely to arrive around patches 12.13 or 12.14, coinciding with the Star Guardian event.

League of Legends – Riot and Game Pass

Riot games such as League of Legends, TFT, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant will be added to the Xbox Game Pass. Getting these games from the pass will unlock all the champions, agents, guardians, and certain decks for their respective titles.

Patch 12.22 COUNTDOWN – June 22nd, 2022


Patch 12.12

When is Patch 12.12 Coming Out?

  • Patch 12.12 will be releasing on June 22nd
  • Bel’veth, Zeri, and more champions will be hit with heavy nerfs this coming update.

League of Legends Roadmap: Past Patch Notes & Updates

June 8th, 2022

Patch 12.11 is Live

Patch 12.11 went live on June 8th, 2022.

May 28th, 2022

Iron Maiden Star Guardian Skin

The Iron Maiden is getting her own outfit from the Star Guardian skin series.

May 26th, 2022

MSI High Noon Skins

A new line MSI High Noon Skins have been patched in the game. These skins include High Noon Leona, High Noon Talon, High Noon Varus, High Noon Morderkaiser, High Noon Katarina, and High Noon Talon Prestige Edition Skin. Another set of High Noon skins will be released on May 26 for Tahm Kench, Sion, Samira, Viktor, and Twitch.

May 25th, 2022

Patch 12.10 is Live

The Durability update has now been patched in. 
Several High Noon skins have already been added to the shop (Sion, Viktor, Tahm Kench, Samira, and Twitch).

May 13th, 2022

LoL Challenge System

Challenges are a new feature where players can earn titles and access a different form of progression through the new LoL Challenges mechanic.

May 11th, 2022

TFT Patch 12.9

TFT Patch 12.9 went live bringing assorted buffs and a nerf to the Syndicate Augment.

May 2022

Patch 12.9 Update Released

Patch 12.9 will go live on May 11, 2022, which will include new High Noon skins and a High Noon Talon Prestige Edition. (Patch 12.9 is now live)
Patch 12.9 TFT is also up and running.

April 2022

New Skins: Anima Squad

A new set of skins are now available in LoL. The Anima Squad set features: Battle Bat Vayne, Battle Bunny Miss Fortune, Battle Cat Jinx, Battle Wolf Sylas, Battle Bunny Prime Riven, and Battle Cat Jinx Prestige Edition..
Swain will be getting a rework for his kit.
March – New Champion: Renata Glasc
LoL releases a new support champion from Zaun, Renata Glasc.
Amazon Prime Accounts will get some capsules, skin, and free RP points as rewards.

February 2022

TFT Set 6.5 and New Champion Announcement

TFT Set 6.5 “Neon Nights” is set to go live on February 16 along with new Legends and a new battlepass.
Skarner has been voted to get a rework.
New champion being introduced: Renata Glasc, the Chembaroness.

January 2022

League Lunar Festival Event & New Skins

New Lunar Revel skins are now available for purchase (Porcelain Skins, Brave Phoenix, and Firecracker).
There two new prestige skins, Porcelain Lux Prestige Edition and Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition.
TFT Double Down is now a permanent game mode in TFT.

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