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This is the place to find the most up-to-date LoL updates and patch notes, as well as the odd TFT patch note.

Void Champion Bel’Veth Leaked Abilities and Release Date

It’s been months since the last champion was released, and now, leaks have been going out about a new champion from the Void. Bel’Veth is set to be a champion with high mobility, high sustain, and decent buff during her ultimate, Endless Banquet. There is no official release date for this new character, but it has been confirmed that she will go live in the current season. 

Past Patch Notes and Updates

May – Patch 12.9 Update Released

  • Patch 12.9 will go live on May 11, 2022, which will include new High Noon skins and a High Noon Talon Prestige Edition. (Patch 12.9 is now live)
  • Patch 12.9 TFT is also up and running.

April – New Skins: Anima Squad

  • A new set of skins are now available in LoL. The Anima Squad set features: Battle Bat Vayne, Battle Bunny Miss Fortune, Battle Cat Jinx, Battle Wolf Sylas, Battle Bunny Prime Riven, and Battle Cat Jinx Prestige Edition..
  • Swain will be getting a rework for his kit.

March – New Champion: Renata Glasc

February – TFT Set 6.5 and New Champion Announcement

January – League Lunar Festival Event and New Skins

Lunar Festival Event and Patch Updates

  • New Lunar Revel skins are now available for purchase (Porcelain Skins, Brave Phoenix, and Firecracker).
  • There two new prestige skins, Porcelain Lux Prestige Edition and Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition.
  • TFT Double Down is now a permanent game mode in TFT.

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