The Longest Game in League of Legends

Longest Game in League
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League of Legends is a 5v5 team-based game developed by Riot Games, League of Legends. With over 140 champions to choose from, this game has been running since 2009. Riot Games was inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) or its latest edition, Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2). The game’s goal is to pit two teams of five in an arena to select its powerful champions to destroy their enemy towers and fight to destroy the other base to victory. The game usually takes about 30 minutes, but things can get more complicated along the way, reaching up to an hour (in rare instances). This article will cover the longest game in the history of League of Legends.

The two teams and their lineup of champions are listed below:

Blue Team

  1. Poppy: Spirit Hunt
  2. Shaco: Lcctcf
  3. Zed: yijie012
  4. Ashe: ctctcfct
  5. Pyke: yoopit

Red Team

  1. Pantheon: intheKhab 478
  2. Nasus: ttctccf
  3. Tristana: Zabidindo
  4. Sylas: Vibalaiq6123456
  5. Vayne: ctctcfct

If you play League of Legends, you know this is a hell of a game. Especially that to get these scores took 410 minutes, or around 6 hours and 49 minutes which is ridiculously long for just one game of LoL, but these Summoners were able to pull it off in the single-ranked match. The ranked match was held on the Garena Singapore server; the goal was simple, either win or defend at all costs. Holding the Defense as long as the team can, but never surrender.

A unique twist in the game: Blue teams Ashe and Shaco are in a duo queue and are friends on the enemy team, the Nasus, and Vayne. Four friends, two on each side, going against each other but never hitting their friend in the match. What makes the match even more interesting is that both teams do not plan to surrender and will defend only, no matter what happens. The entire match and their respective teams have become a game hostage. No one is leaving or surrendering. Their goal became evident as the match progressed, hitting the other’s teammates but never hitting each other. They both take; 5 minutes into the match, and Ashe takes the first blood by defeating Pantheon.

The challenge here for the six players (three on the red team and three on the blue team) is that surrendering is not an option, as they would need four votes to surrender. Reaching 20 minutes, Shaco is the top player, destroying the Red team with 11 kills, 0 deaths, and two assists. Tristana wants to surrender at this point, but Poppy tells her in the game chat to wait until the game has finished. Little did Poppy know that this game would not start until another, almost 7 hours. They are not aware that these four friends are teaming together, only to pretend to fight one another.

Fast forward to 46 minutes, Zed is the first to realize that Shaco, Vayne, Nasus, and Ashe are friends, barely scratching the surface of the match. Both teams are barely making a move on each other. Zed no longer knows how to end the game with a 3v5 on each team. Tristana has gone AFK (Away From Keyboard) but not fully disconnecting, staying at the base and watching the match from her spawn. Not long after, at 53 minutes, Tristana was accompanied at the red team base by Sylas and Pantheon, refusing to come out as they, too, wanted the game to end. They are going to lengths even to ask the Blue team to finally come over to their base to end the match.

The Longest Game in League of Legends

Close to the 1-hour mark, Poppy (Blue Team) was the first to disconnect from the match. A couple of minutes further, Zed (Blue Team) charges forward to destroy the enemy inhibitor and faces Vayne (Red Team), who is close to the Red Teams base. With Pantheon’s assistance, Vayne could hold the enemy off long enough to kill them. If Pantheon did not come to her rescue, it would have been the end of the match.

For one hundred eight minutes, Zedd, Pantheon, and Silas would disconnect and reconnect now and then to see if the match had ended, only to leave the game when it was not over. With so much time being put into this single match, Pantheon would experiment with many different builds to see if he could kill Shaco, but it is not happening. Two hundred minutes in, Ashe has finally stacked up healing stats and the amount of damage taken, mainly from the fountain. From this point, Poppy, Pantheon, Tristana, Silas, and Pike refuse to reconnect, leaving this group of friends to have fun and mess around to beat as many records as possible.

Finally, 410 minutes into the match, the four friends give up out of boredom as no one is no longer reconnecting and let the minions decide who wins. The Blue Team won this insane match, and from everything this has happened, you can imagine how far each player was able to push their stats, and this situation is nothing like you would ever see in your gaming career. So many hours have been put into a single Ranked Match; to reach heights by taking the opportunity to break records is pretty smart if we think about this. To have your name recorded to be a record breaker in the history of League of Legends. This game did not only win the World Record for “The Longest Game in Ranked League of Legends.” Below is a list of the other records that game broke.

  1. The Most Dragons Killed by an individual: 36 (Summoner: Lcctcf using Shaco)
  2. The Most Gold Earned by an individual: 262,300 (Summoner ttctccf using Nasus)
  3. The Most Creep Score Killed by an individual: 6000 (Summoner ttctccf using Nasus)
  4. The Largest Critical Strike Dealt by an individual: 28,330 (Summoner ttctccf using Nasus)
  5. The Most Healing by an individual: 571,824 (Summoner ctctcfct using Ashe)
  6. The Most Damage Taken by an individual: 5,671,407 (Summoner ctctcfct using Ashe)
  7. The Most Wards Killed by an individual: 874 (Summoner: cctcf using Vayne)

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