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Ranking The Top Plays from Worlds’ 22

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By | May 4th, 2023 | Categories: League of Legends

The League of Legends Worlds’ Championship sees professional players worldwide coming together to face off against one another for the highest prestige title in League, Worlds Champions. This means there is no shortage of intense outplays and clutch steals as numerous teams battle it one by one to be crowned victorious at the end.

Professional players are already at another level as compared to most of the player base, but at Worlds, you’ll see all of them bring their absolute A-game. That is why today we’ll be ranking the top plays from Worlds’ 22 so people so you know what you’re missing out on.

Group’em Up – RNG Ming on Sett (RNG Vs. CFO)

This play exemplifies predicting your enemies’ movements and piling on your CC to a large group of enemies. RNG Ming is playing Sett and uses his ultimate on Amumu to gap close between him and the rest of CFO in that area. They are all in a choke point, so there isn’t much space to run. As soon as the enemy Tristana jumps in to engage, he pulls them all in with his E, holding all 4 in place.

After this, it is just a matter of time before his teammates pile on their AOE damage as Veigo, Lissandra, and Aphelios all unleash their ultimates, taking out everyone from CFO except for their top laner, Kennen.

The Final Fight – DRX Kingen on Aatrox (DRX vs T1)

It was the final match of Worlds’22, where DRX and T1 were battling it out for the title. Both teams were contesting Elder Drake for that precious buff when two members of T1 tried to sneak behind DRX and backdoor them. DRX quickly took the Elder buff and recalled to defend their base, which only had the Nexus towers remaining as a last line of defense. But when his team needed him, DRX Kingen really popped off on his Aatrox.

Not only did he defend their base, killing off both members of T1, but he also then accompanied his fellow teammates to the enemy base, knocking down all turrets in the lane. With only two members left to defend and Elder buff on DRX, T1 could not successfully defend, and DRX was crowned the Worlds’22 champions, making history with this major upset.

1v1 Outplay by the Unkillable Demon King – T1 Faker on Ryze (T1 vs JDG)

Most of us realize that ranged champions, especially mages, will probably lose out to melee champions if they are able to close the gap. T1 Faker put this theory to rest as his 1v1s the enemy Renekton at melee range and walks out alive and one kill’s worth of gold richer.

Both players in this engagement were level 15 however, the Ryze did have a slight item advantage over the Renekton. Still, as a mage that relies on ability cooldowns, Ryze was able to kill the Renekton after they found each other in the top lane tri-brush.

Lurker in the Shadows – EDG Scout On Akali (EDG Vs. DRX)

Assassins are made to go for the ADC, but that can often be difficult to do with control mages and tanks in the front. However, EDG Scout waits for his opening here but positions himself behind the enemy team while they are busy contesting Drake. Since he is an unwarded brush, they don’t know he’s there until he reveals himself, targeting the enemy Ezreal.

This makes DRX disperse and allows the Akali to pick up a kill with the rest of his team. While the play is smart on Akali’s part, it is quickly turned around by DRX as they are not all as squishy as the Ezreal. The Sylas and Veigo go into the thick of the enemy team, bursting them down one by one, allowing Veigo to get his resets off. It is definitely an interesting clip to watch with high skill expression and outplay potential.

Keeping the Elder Drake Alive – DRX Pyosik on Kindred (DRX Vs. GEN)

If you’ve ever had a Kindred in your match, you know about her ultimate. With the unique effect of being able to keep everything in a certain radius alive, timing and placement are everything for this ultimate. In this play, GEN is trying to get a backdoor end with Sylas as both teams are contesting the Elder Drake. Gragas goes to stop Sylas from getting the backdoor and also from running back to help his team, stalling him near the nexus.

At this time, the Elder Drake falls to 963 health which means it can even be killed by a smite. However, as soon as the enemy Graves enters the Drake pit to smite the Drake, Kindred uses her R, preventing the Elder Drake from dying. This gives DRX enough time to kill the Graves and take the Elder Buff for themselves. They then use this Elder buff to end the game soon after as a 4-man squad marching into the enemy base. 

Final Thoughts

Professional players are always entertaining to watch, but things get really spicy when outplays like these happen. Not only does it represent the amount of control and knowledge they have about their champion, but it’s also a great example of positioning and prioritizing targets. These are some of those types of plays that you’ll definitely get a kick out of watching, and maybe they’ll interest you in watching the matches live next time.

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