List of Pokemon Recommendations For The Pokemon Unite Roster

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The current Pokemon Unite roster is good, but it can be better by making it bigger. After all, more Pokemon to choose from would mean a healthier, more competitive metagame. The problem, however, is knowing which of the 900 Pokemon deserve to be in the franchise’s first-ever MOBA. For that, here are a few suggestions. 


Gen V is badly underrated despite its unique art style and Pokemon. It’s also underrepresented in Pokemon Unite. At the same time, the game needs a few more defenders. A perfect solution to address both would be to bring Tepig into the game. 

Much like in the main games, Tepig would be a great defender, able to withstand damage while. As for his kit, he can have the usual utility-oriented one, or the game can play to his strengths and give him a bit of a slight edge in offense compared to other Pokemon that share the same role. The latter is rather fitting, as he is a fire Pokemon. 


Let’s be honest – there is already a lot of Gen I Pokemon on the roster. It also doesn’t help that they’re going to add one more: Blastoise. While it would be better to stop adding Gen I Pokemon after the first Water-type starter, they should add one last Pokemon: Mewtwo

The first-ever legendary Pokemon entry-wise, Mewtwo is a fan favorite and would be sorely missed if he didn’t make it to the game. Plus, if there’s anything we’ve seen with Gardevoir, it’s that a Psychic Pokemon moves are awesome in battle.

The only problem is that the move might open the floodgates for Legendary Pokemon. Then again, as long as they’re scaled the same way as the rest, there is no problem. Also, regardless of the inclusion of Legendaries, those involved in the creation of the Pokemon world shouldn’t be playable. 


Another underrepresented Gen in Pokemon Unite is II. It’s a shame, really, as the Johto region and the many Pokemon that came with it opened the way for the franchise to become much bigger. At the same time, it would be unwise to add Pokemon from a gen or region just because the roster is lacking. It has to be a Pokemon that would improve the roster and the metagame as a whole. 

So, why not a supporter role from Johto? Among the many that can fill such a role, there is perhaps no one more perfect than Celebi. Agile yet helpful, this cute little mythical Pokemon would be a stark contrast to the usual supporter, able to zoom with ease while providing much-needed healing. 


There is no other Pokemon that invokes the “hero of justice” trope more than Keldeo. Inspired by D’Artagnan of the Three Musketeers. Plus, the game has zero Pokemon from Gen V, so if it’s not going to be the previous suggestion, it has to be this guy. Riding into battle, wielding the Secret Sword, and saving the day – this guy would be perfect for players looking for a chivalric spirit in the games. 

We already have a funny and awkward-looking Pokemon in the roster with Cramorant, so why not add another one? There are many Pokemon that fit such a description, but Clawitzer would be a pretty good choice. Imagine a Pokemon with a giant claw, moving around the stadium, lobbing projectiles with its oversized claws. 

Surely, nobody would be mistaking it for the little Corphish – doing so would be fatal, as this Pokemon can shoot immense pressure from its claw lore-wise. Imagine what it can do in the game.  


Last but not least would be Lycanroc. Everybody loves a good dog, or at least a close relative, and we already have a fox Pokemon in Ninetales, so this time it should be a wolf. Plus, Crustle probably feels pretty lonely, being the only Pokemon of its type to rock out in the esteemed MOBA arena. 

For that, this Rock-type Pokemon would not only be a good fit for the roster, but also a unique one. With its typing usually associated with being tough, Lycanroc could be an all-rounded that is slightly more defensive compared to other Pokemon it shares the role with. 

All of these are just suggestions, but who knows? The Pokemon Company is looking at online reactions when it comes to new Pokemon, checking out which Pokemon want people to be in the game. Hopefully, they see this and consider it. Or better yet, they see your comments as well. 

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