Pokemon GO Beginner Guide: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

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By | July 31st, 2022 | Categories: Pokemon

Starting up Pokemon GO can be very exciting for newcomers. After all, their dreams of finally catching Pokemon in real-time (thanks to augmented reality) are finally coming true. However, it can also be a painful process for those that go in headfirst into the game without at least knowing some of the basics. Fret not, for the ways of learning how to catch Pokemon in Pokemon GO are simple and fun. The entire premise of Pokemon GO can be summed up in three steps: walk around, catch Pokemon with a Poke Ball, and visit Poke Stops along the way to load up on some goodies for your backpack. Sounds easy enough, eh? Well, there’s this and that, but there’s a lot to consider in the matter of mastering the game. While not everyone is looking to become a Pokemon Master, it helps to know some tips and tricks on how to be a more efficient player in Pokemon GO.

1.Use Lucky Eggs Wisely

Sometimes when a player is out and about, they have the chance to stumble upon a Lucky Egg. Lucky Eggs are considered to be precious items as they can double the amount of XP that one earns for 30 minutes. If you manage to snag a Lucky Egg, don’t just waste it by immediately using it. Instead, try to use it for the maximum gain to help level up your Trainer. This can be done in all sorts of different manners, such as activating it when you’re in a busy hotspot where there’s a lot of Pokemon to catch. Trainers can also opt to go to Gyms where they can do battle and possibly win. Overall, saving those Lucky Eggs for those types of situations where you’re going to all sorts of different locations is the best way to get the most XP in return.

2.Spin to Win: Visiting Poke Stops

Depending on where you live, you’re bound to run into a couple of Poke Stops here and there while traversing around. These stops are a godsend for anyone that’s trying to get a couple of items. To get these items such as potions, Poke Balls, and more, all you have to do is spin the stop sign when you’re near the Poke Stop. The best part about Poke Stops is that it only takes a few minutes before they’re available to get rewards again, so make sure to claim them should there be one near where you’re at.

3.Raid and Chill

Before the lockdowns happened, Raid Battles were only applicable for players who are at the right place at the right time. Luckily, Niantic has added a Remote Raid Passes system for players who aren’t able to participate in raid battles due to being stuck at home. This enables you to see Raids and even get involved with them without having to be physically there at that location. Raid Battles are essential for getting some of the rarer Pokemon in the game, so keep your eyes peeled whenever there are some nearby where you can participate.

4.Churning Pokemon Into Candies

There’s this gruesome theory that the Pokemon that’s used to generate candy are being churned up into a device that’s similar to a meat grinder and then formed into a ball that’s a size of a jawbreaker. Whether that’s true or not, transferring Pokemon in Pokemon GO is one that Trainers will routinely do in the game. For example, it’s no use having 10 Rattatas, so it’s best to swap them out for some candies to the Professor and power up one Rattata which has the highest CP and evolve it into a Raticate. The only way to carry a finite number of powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO is to get rid of the weaker specimens, and what better way to utilize them by turning them into sweet candy?

5.Using Incubators on 10km Eggs

There are times where Trainers will be getting eggs when visiting certain Poke Stops. When it comes to the topic of hatching eggs, you’ll first need to get your hands on an incubator. Then, after walking the required distance (ranging from 2km to 10km), the eggs will hatch and you get yourself a new Pokemon! At the start, players get to have an infinite-use incubator, but as they play more, they usually get rewarded with incubators that only have a limited number of uses. Don’t waste them on eggs that only require a walking distance of 2km or 5km. Instead, use them for the 10km eggs which tend to have more powerful Pokemon and greater rewards.


At the end of the day, the best way to play Pokemon GO is to enjoy it. While how you want to spend your time in the game is up to you, taking note of some of the few helpful things when playing Pokemon GO can be an advantage to being a better Trainer in the long run. With many more additions and features being added after five years, Pokemon GO is an ever-evolving game, much like some of the Pokemon that you catch.

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