The Absolute Best Job to Play While Getting Ready for FF:XIV Endwalker

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By | November 3rd, 2021 | Categories: FFXIV

New Players Will Want to Jump In Before Endwalker Starts

You have probably heard a large amount of hype from family, friends and the internet as Endwalker approaches. If you’re thinking to yourself it is too late to get into the game and join the fun on release date, you would be dead wrong! Now is the perfect time to enter the mystical world of Final Fantasy XIV and join your comrades for one of the best stories ever told in a video game. This article will let you know the absolute best job to play if you’re new and just jumping into FF:XIV before Endwalker.

This will give a quick summary to get you off on the right foot while catching up to the latest expansion and allowing you to get the most out of Endwalker when it releases on the 23rd of November. You have two options when it comes to starting a new character, you may purchase a story skip to jump right into the 4th expansion, Shadowbringers, or you can indulge yourself in the amazing lore of Eorzea. I strongly recommend experiencing the story even if it means runing late to the upcoming expansion as you’ll need to know the lore to appreciate Endwalker’s storyline. However, I do mention the story skip for whoever just wants to do epic raids with their friends and don’t have the time nor patience for a 150-200 hour story. 

Best Job to Play In Preparation for Endwalker

Prefacing our recommendation for a starting job, you will have an opportunity to try various jobs as you progress through the game. There is no wrong answer and you can do play all on one character so don’t hesitate to try them. Each job comes with a chunk of story delivered to you through class quests that will open your eyes even more as to this game’s expansive lore. 

The starter job which I recommend is Arcanist. It does not matter what race you pick as any will be able to choose the path to study the arcane arts. Arcanist is actually two jobs in one allowing you to be both a Summoner and a Scholar at level 30. This means when you hit the level cap with one job you will have both a DPS and Healer to assist your raids. Both subclasses are very different as Summoners bring forth minor primals to fight by their side as they cast damage over time abilities and arcanic attacks. Scholar on the other hand are healers with huge influence over the way raids will go, by using large amounts of area of effect healing and armor galvanizing abilities to protect their tanks. 

To unlock the subclasses, you will want to continue the story as a Arcanist, doing the main story quest and class quests as they become available to you until level 30. At level 30 you now can do the relevant job quests for each role at the Arcanist’s Guild to receive your soul crystal for Summoner and Scholar. Each role will have to be geared separately but receive the same experience allowing for interchangeable gameplay as long as the gear is still being upgraded to match the difficulty of content. I found Summoner was good to focus on for main scenario questing, as it has large DPS potential while Scholar made duty finder queues extremely short as healers are always in demand.

Have Fun With FF:XIV

No matter what job you end up focusing on this game is brilliant, both for its story and gameplay, it will be hard not to enjoy yourself. The only warning I can give is if you select a pure DPS class it will take longer to get into duties which can be frustrating especially if they are required to continue the Main Story Quests.

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