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No matter what game you’re playing, you’ll want the best of the best. With the FIFA 18 Best Players ratings, you’ll be able to form the ultimate squad, trade for your favorites and dominate the game. With the most world-class players, not only can you dominate against your friends but players around the world!

How are players ranked?

Since soccer is not a straightforward kind of game, constructed and organized with 11 different positions and sometimes more depending on the specific responsibilities of each, there is a method to the madness and a formula when ranking all the players in FIFA 18.  This ranking list is one of the only places where you get to see players stacked up against one another, despite their various confederations or which league they play in the world, like UEFA, CONMEBOL, CONMEBOL, CAF and the AFC. Here is how the players are ranked:

  • When measuring out a player’s worth, game makers decided to narrow their skills down to 36 different attributes. Each attribute will and can make a difference. Although you may not think one weighs heavier than the other—they all have some sort of power over the other. However, all these 36 attributes and the numbers associated with them can get pretty complex—especially if you’re in between two players for your team’s roster.
  • To simplify the process, each player’s card only states and describes six basic attributes. Although you may think that they’re then eliminating all those important other numbers, they’re not. The six attributes represent just an average of the 36 overall attributes. This simplified process is more accurate than measuring based on the overall rating but easier than comparing data of all 36 attributes.
  • Even though the 36 attributes can really help you narrow down your choices, each player is presented with only 6 basic attributes on his or her card under their photo. These attributes include the following: Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defending and Physicality.
  • Although you may think you got it now…prepare to be confused a bit more. These average six numbers are calculated not only with the other 36 attributes in mind but also depending upon their position on the field. Therefore, when you’re comparing a right back against another right back, it’ll make more sense because the averages are calculated specifically tailored to the right back position—which attributes are most important. For example, shot accuracy might not be ranked as important or as heavily as slide-tackling would be for a right defender.

Who are the FIFA 18 Best Players?

Since the ranking is based on numerical points, it is possible that the ratings are the same when it comes to the “overall rating.” Therefore, when determining which player is better than the other even though their rating is the same, you can decide who is better by a personal feel, a position or the confederation. To give you the straightforward answer, the best player in FIFA 18 is Cristiano Ronaldo. His overall rating is 95. If you dive into his numbers and averages, the speed he has (his pace) and his shooting are the numbers that truly set him apart from other players. For a more spread out ranking of the best players in FIFA 18, here is a table showing you our top 10:

Name Club Home Position Ranking
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Portugal UEFA ST 95
Lionel Messi FC Barcelona Argentina CONMEBOL RW 94
Neymar PSG Brazil CONMEBOL LW 93
Robert Lewandowski Bayern Munich Poland UEFA ST 92
Luis Suarez FC Barcelona Uruguay CONMEBOL ST 91
David De Gea Manchester United Spain UEFA GK 91
Manuel Neuer Bayern Munich Germany UEFA GK 91
Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City Belgium UEFA CM 90
Eden Hazard Chelsea Belgium UEFA CF 90
Sergio Ramos Real Madrid Spain UEFA CB 90
Mats Hummels Bayern Munich Germany UEFA CB 90
Toni Kroos Real Madrid Germany UEFA CM 90

If you are looking for a specific player to fill a position on the field, you will want to take a look at the best players in FIFA 18 ranked by position. This will help you easily compare one position to another and choose the best player for that spot on your team. This list was generated based on overall ratings. You’ll also be aware that they change from year to year and release to release of the game.

Additionally, on the EASports website, you can take a look at the players rated either by their country they play on or are from, the confederation that they play for (CONMEBOL, UEFA, etc.), the league they play on, and special lists like: the top 20 fastest players, all five star players, top 10 dribblers, top 10 strength and physicality players, top 10 shooting and shot power players, top 20 goalkeepers, top 10 defensive players, top 10 free kick takers, and top 10 passers.

Final Thoughts

Arranging your best team on the field takes a little bit of further work and research from you. Even though it could make the game a bit more whimsical, fun, and even amongst two unevenly matched players to simply close your eyes and choose players blindly, thinking your roster out and planning carefully will get you the best chance to do well in the game. That means if you are looking to seriously compete, consider player ratings when choosing your players.

We hope that our list of FIFA 18 Best Players has helped you make the crucial decisions when it comes to training, buying, and selling players for you to make the ultimate team. Have fun setting up your team and enjoy FIFA 18!

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