FIFA 2018 Player Ratings: Best FIFA Players

FIFA 18 Player Ratings
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With every new edition of a game, the most up-to-date versions of technology are always implemented — insanely off-the-wall graphics, details closer and closer to reality, and new ways to control it. But some aspects of the game are updated that have nothing to do with the way a game is structured, and everything to do with how it’s played.

The stars of the new FIFA 18 include up and coming new, top-quality players, and the future face of football. Especially when you stay relevant to the leagues and know who’s who in all the top teams, or not so top, it’s reassuring to know that you can look out for your favorites when you’re scrolling through the rosters.

There are some players in this game’s edition that are not strangers to having themselves be perceived and emulated into a video game, but others who are completely new to being virtualized. The transition to the digitally animated world might be something completely unfamiliar to them, but we’re glad that their debuts haven’t given them stage fright in the game itself — their skills are still unmatched and unbelievably insane.

Look out for the top players rated as some of the best in the new FIFA 18. Here are our top 10:


  1. Gonzalo Hugaín

This Juventus and Argentine striker is one of five players on the game’s rating system that scores a 90. Best known for his height at six feet tall, this right-footed shooter scored 32 goals overall in his first season wearing the Juventus jersey. From the last version to this year‘s, he has raised his overall rating score from 89 to 90. A fun fact about Gonzalo is that he has dual citizenship, having been born in France, and has the nickname Pipa. 

  1. Toni Kroos

The Real Madrid central midfielder also stands at six feet tall and when he’s not taking control of the midfield in Spain in the new FIFA 18, he represents the German National Team, as well. He is noted as having one of the best passing games in the league and internationally. He has also upgraded his rating two points from the last edition. This club team has been his first out of Germany, since 2014, and he has so far, proved himself worthy. Now he can help you test out his skills in the new FIFA 18. His rating is 90. 

  1. Eden Hazard

A double “hazard”-ous threat as an attacking midfielder and winger, Eden Hazard, the Belgian who plays for Chelsea has cracked the top 10 in our FIFA Players Rating list because of his excellent performance this past season. He might be the next in line to steal the title of being the best player in the Premier League from Ibrahimovic. His rating is 90.

  1. Sergio Ramos

Named FIFA 18’s Best Defender, Spanish Sergio Ramos is No. 7 on our list. One of the faces of Real Madrid, Ramos is the captain of both the club team and the Spanish National Team. The versatile and successful defender finds his place in either center back or right outside back. No stranger to success, you can easily choose this player for confidence on the field, he is the second-most capped player in Spanish history. His rating is 90.

  1. Robert Lewandowski

The Polish striker is no newbie at finding the back of the net and is a force to be reckoned with for whoever chooses him in their line-up. Out of the past 47 games recorded in his last season for Bayern, he found his way to back of the net 43 times. His rating is 91.

  1. Manuel Neuer

Breaking all kinds of barriers, this Golden Glove winner and World Cup Champion, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer slides in on our list at No. 5. Not many goalkeepers can say that they have been ranked the third best player in the world at one point in their careers, but that fact and his 92 scored rating sets him apart from all the rest. The closest goalkeeper to his ranking is Manchester’s David de Gea with 90 points and Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois with 89 points.

  1. Luis Suárez

The Uruguayan bad boy is our No. 4 on the FIFA 18 player rankings based on rating. This decorated soccer player, although had a low season this past year, still keeps his rating number high. The FC Barcelona striker has an overall rating of 92, making him and his team a highly desirable choice when looking for who to play with during your next FIFA match-up.

  1. Neymar

One of the most talked about soccer players this year, with his move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain having one of the most expensive Association Football Transfers for 198 million pounds, Neymar is our No. 3. Fortunately, his skill (and FIFA rating) backs him up. Just looking at his assets and player data ranked on the site, his weak foot isn’t actually a weak foot at all — showing five out of five stars. If his weakness matches his strengths, whoever chooses to play against PSG is in trouble. He has a rating of 92.

  1. Lionel Messi

Barcelona’s forward finds himself as No. 2 once more. Even though he still keeps his 93 rating from last year, Messi still hasn’t done what it takes to beat out Ronaldo for the cover of the FIFA 18 game. Decorated as he is with awards, he just can’t seem to beat out Ronaldo for that top spot in recent times. However, the competition is always fierce, fun to watch, and with FIFA 18, even more fun to play.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Our No. 1, and cover star for FIFA 18, is the famous Cristiano Ronaldo. With a ranking of 94, he beats out all other ratings after claiming his fifth Ballon d’Or, giving Messi a run for his money. His title followed a great season with Real Madrid winning Champions League. Ronaldo has earned his spot on the cover of the game.

With every great game comes the great stars that are featured within them. With these top ten players from FIFA 2018, we know one thing’s for sure: no game is a sure win. Choosing your battles wisely with the right players and teams can be your ticket to success.

We hope that revealing the top ten players in the game can help you familiarize yourself with who’s who, their new rankings, ratings, and places in the game. Soon, you can get your hands on the game and fill these players’ high-ranking, star-streaked shoes at the tips of your fingers.

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