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Statues of Seven
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What Are the Statues of Seven?

To the Dean of the Sumeru Academy,

Enclosed is a research paper I’ve written about the Statues of Seven around Teyvat. I’d really like to be one of the Academy’s students, will this be enough for me to enter? Awaiting your favorable reply.


What are the Statues of the Seven beyond objects of worship? Is there something more to them, as they stand guard in the lands of their domain? That’s the focus of this research paper. From their locations to how the people view them, the researcher will try to answer all those questions as comprehensively as they can.

An Introduction to the Statues of Seven

The Statues of Seven are landmarks dotted about in all seven nations of TeyvatTl. They stand tall in various locations, and though they must be thousands of years old, most of them keep a certain dignity about them. It sometimes seems that they are waiting for something, or maybe someone.

For some nations, it is an object of worship. The perfect example of this is the nation of Mondstadt, despite their Archon being absent. Some of the citizens take it upon themselves to take care of the statues. One such citizen is Jillian, a nun in Mondstadt’s Church of Favonius. According to her, the dirt absorbs some elemental energy from the statue, and that makes it harder to clean. Though the researcher was not able to interview the Acting Grand Master of the Knights, the latter was witnessed meditating near one. These actions depict a certain reverence toward their Archon.

In contrast, Liyue’s people treat their Archon’s statues a bit more casually. One reason for this less formal treatment may be their Archon’s constant and pervasive presence. They do hold the Rite of Descension every year, and the Geo Archon seems to love walking among his people, if the stories are anything to go by. Currently, however, it seems the Geo Archon has left governance and management of the nation to his people.


The researcher has counted sixteen (16) statues across three nations so far. There were five (5) in Mondstadt, five (5) in Liyue, and six (6) in Inazuma. Each one is spaced apart from another in such a way that there is only one statue for any single named area in the region.

For example, in Mondstadt, there is only one statue for each of the following areas: the Brightcrown Mountains, Dragonspine, Galesong Hill, Starfell Valley, and Windwail Highland. While researching on the topic, the researcher heard rumors that there was supposed to be one more, though its location was never mentioned.

The five areas in Liyue with a Statue of the Seven are: Bishui Plain, Lisha, Minlin, Qiongji Estuary, and the Sea of Clouds. The Chasm is possibly another area with a statue, however, the Qixing barred entry to the area for some unspecified reason.

In Inazuma, the archipelagic nation, each main island has a statue of the Electro Archon watching over it. That means there is one statue in each of the following islands: Narukami, Kannazuka, Yashiori, Watatsumi, Seirai, and Tsurumi.

Due to some mishaps concerning paperwork, the researcher is stuck in Inazuma as the nation attempts to sort itself out. The locations of further nations will have to wait until the researcher can travel again.

Healing and Meditative Effects

Anyone who travels would stop to pray for protection at one when encountering one along their journey. Though nobody could truly offer proof to the researcher, some of the interviewed adventurers would swear that resting beside one works wonders for the injured or tired. The researcher has tried this on several different occasions (with tiredness as one of the factors, as many things could go wrong when using injuries).

No conclusive results have been found as of yet. Factors such as distance to the statue and the location being conducive for resting have to be considered. Further testing will have to be done, though the preliminary results do tend toward a favorable result.

As an additional note, the researcher has observed two individuals who seem to frequent the Statue of the Seven located in Galesong Hill, specifically, Windrise. Though they may also be visiting the nearby huge, towering oak tree, the two landmarks are close enough to almost be counted as one. One of the figures was the Acting Grand Master of Mondstadt’s Knights of Favonius. The other was a bard in green, content to sit among the roots of the tree (and once observed playing a lyre while sitting on the branches).

The researcher attempted to find these two figures in the city for an interview, but the former was too busy, and the latter was too unpredictable. An attempt to interview the bard led to a drinking match with disastrous results, leading to the researcher never going near a bar again. Unfortunately, the bard often hangs around such establishments.

An Interview With the Traveler(‘s Companions)

Throughout the researcher’s adventures, they heard many stories of the Traveler and their various feats. a coincidental encounter with one of their companions led to the researcher wanting an interview with the famous adventurer. However, the Traveler seems to somehow be able to travel a great distance in short amounts of time, and it’s difficult to catch them out in the vast expanse of Teyvat.

The researcher then settled for the next best thing, interviewing the Traveler’s companions, as the latter always seem to have three (3) or four (4) of them at any given time. It could sometimes be an eclectic group, from what the researcher has heard. One of them was even a Fatui Harbinger, according to rumors.

Steering away from the more dangerous ones, the researcher was able to talk to three (3) of the Traveler’s companions, an Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, a chef, and a wandering samurai. What they told about the Traveler was a treasure trove of information.

According to them, the Traveler had collected something called ‘oculi’ and offered those to the statues. They further explained that each time they did so the statue improved. That gives the reason for the Anemo and Geo statues being better looking than the Electro ones when the researcher first came to Inazuma. The companions never asked why the Traveler had to do that, though.

They also confirmed that when accompanying the Traveler, the latter would go to the statue to recuperate when hurt. The Outrider in particular said that the more ‘oculi’ that was offered, the better the statue got at healing. However, she said the Traveler doesn’t call on her as much as before, so she only had a small experience of it.

What’s more, the statues (and something called ‘waypoints’) was how the Traveler gets around so quickly. The researcher would add the statues’ relationship with ‘waypoints’ upon further research. The companions don’t seem to have the same ability, only being able to do so in the Traveler’s company.

The chef mentioned that the first time they met the Traveler, they seemed to be able to use Anemo. However, on the second time, they were using the Geo Element. Later, the samurai told the researcher the Outlander was using Electro when he was accompanying them. He added that the Traveler did something upon reaching the Statue of the Seven in Ritou which led to them being able to use the element.

The Lost Statue of the Seven

Though neither of the three were with the Traveler for the adventure, they heard it from other companions that they also knew. The Traveler had actually found the Lost Statue of the Seven mentioned by the Mondstadt nuns.

The stories varied depending on who was asked, though the general gist was an Abyss conspiracy to make a ‘mechanical god’, or so concluded by the researcher. The stories did agree on the place being weird and wrong, as well as the statue being hung upside down by chains. The orb held by the statue (it is, after all, from Mondstadt), held some kind of twisted energy instead.

The companions weren’t too sure why the Traveler didn’t try returning the statue. However, they all agreed that realizing their missing twin was in cahoots with the Abyss can be a shocking revelation. At any rate, that’s a mystery solved which is a win for the researcher.


This is all that the researcher found on the topic as they traveled. Further topics for research can include the Traveler who found so many more uses for the statues (though it’s only they who could use it). Other possible topics could be how they look a little like chess pieces or the healing and teleporting ability of the statues. However, those would require an interview with the Traveler which may prove to be quite troublesome.

Please see the attached appendices for the preliminary notes and results of the tests for the healing ability of the Statues of Seven. There are also transcripts of the interviews with the Traveler’s companions, as well as a map with the locations of the statues marked.

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