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Everything Announced During the Genshin Impact 3.5 Livestream

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By | February 19th, 2023 | Categories: Genshin Impact

3.4, the Lantern Rite update in Genshin Impact, is winding down, and it’s time to look forward to the next patch. As with Hoyoverse tradition, upcoming content is showcased through a livestream that previews the update. 3.5’s livestream aired on February 17, 2023, and here’s everything they showed.

New Characters, Weapons, and Rerun Banners

Dehya has been an instrumental character during the Sumeru Archon Quests, and now she’s becoming playable in this update! Many players have been excitedly anticipating her, making this wait worth it. She’s a 5-star Pyro Claymore user with abilities like other characters’ but with her own unique spin.

Dehya’s E works like Albedo’s, leaving Fiery Sanctum, where enemies get extra Pyro damage when hit within it. It has additional functionality that lets her take on a portion of the lost HP when your on-field character takes a hit. That has a specified limit, and Dehya will stop redirecting damage past it.

Her Burst puts her in the Blazing Lioness state. While under its effects, Dehya will unleash a combo of Pyro-infused punches, ending with a spectacular kick. She’ll leave a Fiery Sanctum instance where she is when the state ends.

Her skills scale with her HP as her abilities draw on damage mitigation.

The second new character in 3.5 is Mika, the surveyor of the Knights of Favonius. He’s a 4-star Cryo Polearm user, though he also uses a crossbow in his standard combo and E skill. His abilities tend toward support and healing, buffing the ATK SPD of allies when using his E and granting them healing with his Q.

Specifically, when tapping, Mika shoots an ice projectile with his E, or you can aim it by holding the button. His Burst has an activation heal based on his HP and puts allies in the Eagleplume state. Under its effects, friends that hit enemies recover health.

Dehya is featured in the first half of the patch, along with Cyno’s rerun. The second half features Ayaka and Shenhe, with Mika as an accompanying 4-star on both banners.

The Beacon of Reed Sea is Dehya’s signature 5-star weapon, featured with the Staff of the Scarlet Sands in the first half of the update. After that, the Weapon Banner will switch to Mistsplitter Reforged and Calamity Queller as Ayaka’s and Shenhe’s signatures.

New Archon Quest

The ‘Caribert’ chapter has been announced as the next step for the Traveler’s journey. Here, their paths cross with Dainsleif again. The livestream hosts hint that Kaeya will also be somehow involved in this, and wouldn’t that be an exciting encounter? Dainsleif, the cursed knight from hundreds of years ago, meets Kaeya, a descendant of Khaenri’ah. What secrets can we glean from their conversation? Hopefully, there will be something.

The quests also introduce new enemies: a Cryo Abyss Herald and a Geo Shadowy Husk. Nothing else is known about them, but you can expect to encounter them often in this patch. Spiral Abyss enthusiasts must figure out the best counters for these enemies.

New Hangouts

Learn more about Faruzan, the lady thrown forward in time. Update 3.5 gives her a hangout event you can do at your leisure. Primogems, her food specialty, and more are up for grabs if you do this activity. Find all the endings and enjoy!

New Events

The Windblume Festival is back again, this time with visitors from Sumeru. Collei finally gets a chance to spend time with her Mondstadt friends, especially Amber. Accompanied by Tighnari and Cyno, they can enjoy the city’s hospitality and celebrations.

During the Festival, players can

  • Collect balloons in Floral Pursuit
  • Play music in Ballads of Breeze
  • Take pictures in Breezy Snapshots

Rewards include Crowns of Insight, Primogems, talent level-up and weapon ascension materials, enhancement stones, Mora, and EXP Books. Other details of note are:

  • You can choose which instrument to play in Ballads of Breeze (Lyre, Zither, or Drum).
  • Breezy Snapshots will work like the past snapshot event. You can fix a camera angle, freeing you to move around while taking pictures.
  • Floral Pursuit will take you to different locales. You must avoid getting caught by some specific balloons. Otherwise, you’ll have to start your collection again.

However, the most significant reward could be the Mailed Flower, a free 4-star claymore obtainable by participating in the event.

Aside from the Windblume Festival, there are other events to look forward to.

Fungus Mechanicus

It’s a new event that mixes the mechanics of the Fungi Capture event and the Theatre Mechanicus. You’ll control mini fungi being attacked by mechanici, and you must protect your little mushrooms from the latter. They have elemental abilities to defend themselves but need your guidance to do so successfully.

Vibro-Crystal Verification

Some players might remember this event. A researcher from Fontaine was researching this back when the Chasm reopened. He had submitted his findings, but the court ruled that it was falsified and needed verification. Another researcher has taken his place to ensure the experiments are valid, so this event has returned.

It’s a battling trial event. The gimmick is that you can set specific buffs to trigger when conditions are met. Taking advantage of these buffs means building a team that easily fulfills those.

Spices from the West: Northerly Search

In this returning event, one of the Gourmet Supremos is still trying to make a spice that works for every meal. Help her out by making delicious spices. Add the ingredients (in order) to make it. Then, sprinkle it over delicious food, and you can give it to your friends in the teapot.

This tests your knowledge of your companions, as they have their own preferences.

All these events will reward various things, from Primogems to Mora and other enhancement materials (whether for level-up, talents, or weapons). Have fun with all these events!

What’s Beyond 3.5?

Rumors and leaks are already saying that in 3.6, we can expect Baizhu to be released. He’s the first-ever Dendro character shown in the game, and it will only be then that he’ll be playable. Leaks of a 5-star Geo character from Inazuma are also heavily hinted at.

If HYV runs on the same schedule, we can expect the Sumeru cycle to end in 3.7 or 3.8 after a summer event. This is anytime from June to August, after which we can expect Fontaine to be the next nation in the 4.0 update.

The summer event could also mean the return of the Golden Apple Archipelago, now with new mechanics!

That’s only a few months away!

Genshin Impact Version 3.5 is Coming!

It will go live on March 1, 2023. Ensure you’ve completed all the events beforehand and the Battle Pass. Also, there’s a monthly refresh for the Fates in the Stardust section of Paimon’s Bargains. Get them before they disappear forever!

There’s still the Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Extreme Beetle Brawl to complete. Winning the easy or hard difficulty fights gives you 80 Primogems, and it’s not a challenging event to do. With 6 rounds, that’s 480 Primos to grab! Granted, that’s only 2 1/3rd fates, but any amount is essential for players trying to save for a specific character.

Have fun, and don’t let your beetles down!

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