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Name: Arataki Itto (or Arataki “He Might Lose But He’ll Never Admit Defeatto”)

Vision: Geo

Birthday: 1 June

Constellation: Taurus Iracundus

Titles: Hanamizaka Heroics, The First and the Greatest Head of the Arataki Gang, The One and Oni, The Oni Sumo King, The Pride of Oni, Beetle Gladiator, The Ultimate TCG Champion, A Vision Returned, No Prison Food For Me, Numero Uno, The First, The Man, The Strongest, The Supreme, The Undefeated, The Unbeaten Troublemaker, Burning Passion For Battle

Itto Guide

Itto is a high-risk, high-reward character in Genshin Impact. He is at his most powerful when he’s at his weakest. However, since he excels if there are other Geo characters in the team, they can make up for his weakness with shields.

Itto’s 4-hit combo and Charged Attack deserves a mention since he has a mechanic that isn’t present in other characters. Hitting enemies with the 2nd and 4th hits of his normal attack pattern gives him a stack of Superlative Strength (max 5). Also, dashing for a bit or using his E skill will not interrupt his normal combo.

Using his Charged Attack when he has stacks of Superlative Strength causes him to use a series of Arataki Kesagiri slashes. When they run out, the last hit becomes one power slash. This doesn’t use up any stamina. Without Superlative Strength stacks, Itto will do one Saichimonji slash as his Charged Attack and it would use up some stamina.

Both of his Ascension Passive involve the Arataki Kesagiri slashes. The first increases the next slash’s ASPD by 10% (max 30%) and increases his resistance to interruption. The second increases its DMG by 35% of his DEF.

His E skill, Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst, sends out Ushi, a Geo construct that will taunt enemies as long as he’s in the field. Hitting opponents as he’s sent out will give Itto a stack of Superlative Strength. Every 2 seconds, Itto also gains a stack if Ushi is hit by an enemy. As Ushi leaves (when time or his HP runs out), Itto gains another stack as well. Because Ushi is a Geo construct, Zhongli’s pillars will resonate with Ushi, making the pillar’s area of effect bigger. He can also be used to trigger pressure plates.

His Burst, Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil, puts him in a Raging Oni State and transforms his weapon into the Oni King’s Kanabou. While in this state, his Normal and Charged Attacks are infused with Geo that cannot be overwritten. Hitting with the 1st and 3rd hits of his combo will now give him a stack of Superlative Strength. Attack Speed also increases by 20% but decreases Elemental and Physical RES by 20%. Lastly, his ATK increases by a percentage of his DEF.

Judging from those talent descriptions, you’ll really need to build up his DEF alongside the normal stats of a DPS (Crits, ATK, Geo DMG Bonus). That makes the Husk of Opulent Dreams a good fit for his builds. For a lower leveled set, the Defender’s Will will do as well. Other possible artifact sets are the 2-set Archaic Petra or Severed Fate. The other half could be Opulent Husk or Defender’s Will, but for sure you don’t want Noblesse.

Contrary to the suggested build for Itto when you get to use him in his Story Quest, Noblesse is actually not a good fit for him. Sure, he gets an ATK bonus, but he totally can’t use the Burst DMG Bonus. His Burst is a buff, and will not damage enemies outright. There’s nothing to boost the DMG of. You’re using his Normal Attacks, much like Noelle does with her Burst.

As for weapons, his best-in-slot is the Redhorn Stonethresher, of course. The F2P alternative is the Whiteblind, and these two claymores are the best to use with him. Serpent Spine might do, but it’s hard to keep both the weapon’s stacks and the artifact’s stacks up together. Blackcliff Slasher has a conditional ‘on kill’ situation, which can be hard to achieve somewhere like the Spiral Abyss.

All in all, he’s a great DPS with the right build and the right team composition. You’ll have fun whacking enemies as well as have fun with Itto’s antics.

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