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Yanfei Backstory & Vision

Genshin Impact Yanfei Character Bio
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Name: Yanfei

Vision: Pyro

Birthday: 28 July

Constellation: Bestia Iustitia

Titles: Wise Innocence, Liyue Harbor’s famed legal adviser

In Genshin Impact, Yanfei behaves like a budget Klee. She matches the latter’s explosions with a few of her own. Despite having only one charge for her Elemental Skill, she can still make use of the 4-set effect of the Crimson Witch artifacts. Namely, the bonus damage multiplier of Pyro-related elemental reactions.

At any rate, her Elemental Skill shoots a blast of AoE Pyro DMG. If it hits an enemy, it grants Yanfei the maximum number of seals she can hold (4 with a constellation upgrade). That lets it guarantee the next Charged Attack being at full power.

Yanfei’s Elemental Burst, Done Deal, allows her to earn a Scarlet Seal every few seconds as long as the buff is active. Of course, there’s also the AoE Pyro DMG the burst does.

Yanfei’s abilities all focus on gaining and using Scarlet Seals. These seals strengthen her Charged Attack, from decreasing the consumption to each seal adding a percentage of damage. If you think about it, her kit is similar to Ningguang, but Pyro. Both have abilities that involve the Charged Attack and are Catalyst users too. For sure, players would want to leave her on the field as switching her out will cut the duration of Brilliance.

Of course, the 4-set Wanderer’s Troupe artifacts may also be of use to her, as it boosts the Charge Attack damage of bow and catalyst users. At any rate, she’s another Pyro DPS to use, especially if you somehow missed out on Klee. While she might not be everybody’s first choice, there are still some who want a Genshin Impact Yanfei account.

Genshin Impact Yanfei Backstory

Like Ganyu, Yanfei is half-adepti. The difference between them is that Yanfei was born after peace had settled into Liyue. As such, she doesn’t have a contract with Rex Lapis (who now goes by Zhongli) to follow, unlike Ganyu. She helps the city prosper in her own way and by her own decision.

She also loved reading and is one of the only people who have read through all the laws Ningguang published. She did always say that “if you don’t wish to be bound by the rules, you have to first understand them all.” Ningguang also praises Yanfei’s knowledge of the law. The latter could always find the loopholes in the law faster than the former can patch up.

As a legal advisor, everybody in Liyue knows that Yanfei is the fairest. Because of that, merchants will pay her rates, no matter how high the price. Since Liyue is the land of contracts, the people do hold fairness and justice in high regard. Yanfei has a meticulous evidence-gathering process that everyone trusts, and so it tells the truth of the matter. Even so, most of her legal battles end in win-win situations, fitting in with justice and fairness that should be inherent in any contract.

Perhaps the most difficult cases to figure out are the civil cases. Divorces, inheritances, custody disputes, and the like all involve the intricacies of human relationships. All of them, even the seemingly simple ones, don’t have a clear-cut answer. Oftentimes, she finds that either both sides or neither side have reasonable arguments. Worst of all are the child custody cases, as no matter what, the child would be severely impacted psychologically and emotionally by all the proceedings.

In Genshin Impact, Yanfei as a person is a surprisingly affable fellow and has many friends throughout the city. Of course, the nature of her work bleeds into normal life, as even outside of her job she still tries to keep loopholes out of what she says. That leads her to be a chatterbox, which she tries not to fall into the habit of.

Her penchant for overanalyzing the words a person uses was so ingrained that she once lost sleep over a sentence the Traveler said to her. They met by chance and the Traveller said, “Didn’t expect to see you here,” which Yanfei understood as them having expectations on where and when they would meet. One train of thought led to another, and Yanfei spent all night chasing all of them.

The balance she holds was a gift her father gave her. It was something given to him by Rex Lapis and was said to measure the value of all things. Yanfei uses Mora to evaluate objects, not as a market price value, but the value of Mora at the time it was created. Across time and measurements, she used her own judgment and found the changes in Liyue. Some rare objects had become commonplace, and once common objects fell into obscurity.

She had once tried to find the value of a Vision, but no matter how much Mora she placed, it wouldn’t be balanced. In frustration, she placed the box of her heavy hand-written legal notes on the scale, and it finally gave the desired result. As for what it means, perhaps the true value of a Vision is in the ideals and principles of the one who holds it.

One day, Yanfei looks forward to a time when the law is in everybody’s heart, and that its final form is just a thin booklet. While thinking about it, she realized she’d be out of a job by then. After seeing a performance by Xinyan, she decided on a backup plan. She’ll just become a rapper since a new instrument would be difficult to learn.

How Did Yanfei Get Her Vision

As one of the illuminated adepti (even as half of one), we cannot compare how Yanfei got her Vision in Genshin Impact to how the majority of the characters (who are almost all human) got theirs. The adepti are called ‘illuminated’ because of their innate ‘Vision’ which allowed them to control the elements. Though Ganyu’s story explicitly said that she received hers, Yanfei’s story was less forthcoming.

While she wished to be unbound by rules, she knows that they are needed for the world to have structure. Her goal is to live as she pleases without overstepping, and to do that, she had to know the law and its loopholes.

While the Pyro Archon is called the God of War or Lady of Fire, she also represents passion and determination. For sure, Yanfei has that in spades. As mentioned above, Ningguang uses Yanfei as a finder of loopholes for the next amendment of the law. That way, she’ll figure out the best way to amend it.

That’s all the background information of this adorable legal advisor. She’s a powerhouse for sure with the right builds and weapons. There’s always a chance to get her by wishing since she’s only a 4-star character. The rate up is nice, but that’s going to end soon so pull while you still can!

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