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Name: Yaoyao

Vision: Dendro

Birthday: 6 March

Constellation: Osmanthus

Titles: Disciple of Streetward Rambler, Burgeoning Grace

Yaoyao is finally playable after years of being teased and mentioned by characters. She’s the game’s first Dendro healer, filling a niche that no other character can. She opens up many variations on team compositions that weren’t possible before.

Her E skill, Raphanus Sky Cluster, deploys Yuegui. The latter will throw white radishes at enemies or allies, prioritizing characters with less than 70% HP. Then, he switches to targeting enemies once they’re healed enough. Still, the radishes have a small homing ability to hit nearby enemies or allies.

Her Burst, Moojade Descent, lets her deploy more than one (max 3) Yuegui just by moving around. The white radishes they throw become Burst DMG and heal nearby party members with every explosion. With her first ascension passive, Yaoyao also throws white radishes when sprinting, jumping, or running.

Yaoyao has to be on-field for it to take effect, so switching her out will make the Yueguis disappear. Burst Yuegui are not considered skill damage, so the Millelith 4-set effect won’t activate. You can add your E Yuegui to make a total of 4 on the field for a short time. White radishes from her Burst can heal off-field party members, but skill ones only heal those on the field.

The right builds let her keep the party alive, and she can be an initiator of any Dendro-related reactions. Her role depends on your preference and how you set her up.

Genshin Impact Yaoyao Recommended Artifacts

Despite being a healer, Deepwood Memories is the best for her, especially if running her with another Dendro DPS with a different set. Otherwise, she can get much mileage with the Tenacity of the Millelith, which adds an ATK buff to her support abilities. Plus, with the increased HP bonus, her healing becomes even better.

If you want her as a healer main, Maiden Beloved is another set you can give her. Ocean-Hued Clam isn’t as good because her healing is too low or has a short duration to make the most out of the set’s effects. If you want her as a sub-DPS with Dendro reactions, you can use Gilded Dream or Flower of Paradise lost instead of Deepwood. The Instructor set works as a budget option.

Healer Build

Main Stats: HP%/Energy Recharge, HP%, Healing Bonus/HP% or Crit Rate if using Favonius Lance

Substats: HP, ER, Elemental Mastery, Crit Rate (again if running Favonius Lance)

Sub-DPS/Reaction Build

Main Stats: 3x Elemental Mastery or 2x EM with Dendro DMG Bonus cup

Substats: ATK, ER, HP

Genshin Impact Yaoyao Recommended Weapons

She does not have a signature weapon. However, she can use several weapons, depending on her build and how you want to use her.

Here are the best weapons for her by build.


  • Black Tassel
  • Staff of Homa
  • Favonius Lance


  • Staff of Scarlet Sands
  • Dragon’s Bane
  • Kitain Cross Spear
  • Moonpiercer

Any spear with HP, Energy Recharge, or Elemental Mastery bonuses will work well for her, depending on her build.

Genshin Impact Yaoyao Ascension and Talent Level Up Materials

Yaoyao uses the drops from the Dendro Hypostasis and Slimes for her ascension. Her regional specialty is Jueyun Chili, which is found in Jueyun Karst and nearby areas. Of course, she also uses Dendro gemstones.

Her talent book is Diligence, available on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The weekly boss drops she needs are Daka’s Bells from Shouki no Kami in Joururi Workshop.

Yaoyao’s Backstory

Yaoyao was born in the mountains, away from city life. The nearest town was Qingce Village, populated by the elderly. They farmed and foraged for their survival. What they could not find, they traded for in that village. Thus did Yaoyao live with her parents.

Without any playmates to call her own, nature became hers. Her friends were the trees and birds and the babbling brook with the stones that rested at its banks. She talked to them as she would a person.

One day, they talked back. Yaoyao was not surprised but was overjoyed and continued like it was nothing out of the ordinary. When the adepti finally revealed herself, she wasn’t startled either. Her kind nature and care for the environment caught the eye of Streetward Rambler, who, from then on, took the child as a disciple.

Her parents were initially hesitant, as the adepti lived in Liyue Harbor. They feared that some harm might come upon their child in the city. However, Streetward Rambler, or as the Traveler knows them, Madame Ping, counseled that it would benefit Yaoyao to see the broader world rather than just the mountains nearby. With that, Yaoyao started living with the wizened adepti.

There she met loads of new people. One was Madame Ping’s senior disciple, Xiangling, chef and heir to the Wanmin Restaurant. Another is Ganyu, a half-adepti working as the secretary of the Qixing. From her, she knows of Keqing. She also met Yanfei, Shenhe, Beidou, Yun Jin, Baizhu, and Qiqi. She considers the latter her best friend, even if she has to remind the zombie who she is every time they meet!

More than that, through her master’s influence, she got to meet various adepti. Moon Carver, Cloud Retainer, and Mountain Shaper became honorary family members for the child. She calls the adepti uncles or aunts, shown in her character demo. It is implied that there are more, as Yaoyao questions why people keep wanting to find adepti when the child thinks they’re all around. However, it doesn’t seem like she has met Xiao, the Guardian Yaksha, but she might know of him through stories.

Under Streetward Rambler’s tutelage, Yaoyao packed her schedule full. In the mornings, she reads and takes her lessons. Past noon, she starts her spear training. Then, in the evening, the rest of the day is set aside for single-minded play. That’s when she met most of the people listed above.

From Beidou’s ship, the Alcor, to the Bubu Pharmacy, there’s no place in Liyue Harbor that Yaoyao isn’t afraid to explore. Madame Ping also encourages this behavior, as she knows play is essential to a child’s growth.

During ‘play time,’ she experiences things that books can never accurately describe. Reading about it pales in comparison to seeing or feeling the real thing. Yaoyao would observe how the ships’ sails flutter and ripple with the wind, listen to the hustle and bustle of the people, and smell the herbs from the pharmacy. Every little thing she experiences makes her world expand.

Other times, Madame Ping brings her to Jueyun Karst and the other adepti. Among all the stories the illuminated beings would tell, she learns about history and how dangerous living in the days of the past was. As she spends her days learning about the world, she notices that things change a little daily.

For Yaoyao’s caring nature, meeting new people is always a good experience. It gives her more people to love and make happy. Sometimes, she makes Xiangling wonder who the older one between them is, as Yaoyao’s TLC usually makes her feel more mature, like a big sister. Even the thousand-year-old Ganyu or people she just met aren’t exempt.

Case in point, during the 2023 Lantern Rite event, she had just met Dvorak and the Traveler, yet she didn’t hesitate to share her snacks with them. She then went the extra mile, guided both to the city, and encouraged Dvorak to request a concert during the festivities.

Because of Madame Ping’s long life, she has many acquaintances across the land. After taking in Yaoyao as a disciple, she mentioned this to her friends, asking them to take care of the child. However, her student’s intelligent and thoughtful ways endeared her to those friends.

At once, Cloud Retainer fashioned a mechanical rabbit to serve as a gift for the child. She gave it to Yaoyao, saying to only call it and it will help. The little girl was enamored of the rabbit, instantly naming it Yuegui and bringing it everywhere.

Later, Cloud Retainer says to Streetward Rambler that it has another purpose. If Yaoayao ever gets lost, the master needs only to call Yuegui, and her location will be revealed. Of course, the illuminated bird cautions her friend not to overuse it as the student will start to resent it when she grows up.

How Yaoyao Got Her Vision

The game never explicitly says how Yaoyao got her Vision. It was only mentioned that she questioned why she got one. Was it a reward for something she’d done? Did she get it because she was a good student?

She remembered that her senior, Xiangling, and Cloud Retainer’s Student, Shenhe, also had Visions. Gods recognize adepti, so does that mean they also acknowledge their students in turn? Still, she thought none of these guesses were correct and decided that she would probably learn the reason when she grew up.

Until then, she can use her Vision to emulate her master and fellow students. She’ll protect Liyue Harbor, care for her master and others, and extend love to everyone she meets.

With only four Dendro Vision users (Nahida excluded due to being the Archon), it’s hard to see a pattern to find the criteria for receiving it. Alhaitham found his while out on an expedition. Tighnari got one after attending a seminar. Collei found and protected a lost child to get hers.

With such varied experiences, what can we find in common? We can only wait for more to get a more solid lead. Tentatively, however, they all acted on their beliefs during or after they received their ‘gift.’

That’s all for Yaoyao, her builds, and her backstory. She’s a needed unit to have more versatility in compositions. Now, it would be easier to make specific teams without having to always rely on a 5-star character.

Have fun and enjoy Genshin Impact!

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