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Genshin 2.7 Update COUNTDOWN


When is Genshin 2.7 Update Coming Out?

Release Date: May 31, 2022

Genshin 2.7 Leaks: Banners/Characters

Yelan (5-star Hydro Bow user) and Kuki Shinobu (4-star Electro Sword user) are the new characters for 2.7. Due to its delayed release, it will be shortened and will likely only feature Yelan’s banner, possibly a double banner with Xiao. During the extended 2.6 time, the Ayaka banner might be replaced with the second phase banners of 2.7. It is rumored to be Itto. This might still change, though.

When is the Genshin 2.7 Livestream?

Leaks say that the 2.7 update is delayed by three weeks, so it’ll go live on June 1, 2022. That means the new livestream date could possibly be May 20, if they’ll follow their usual livestreaming schedule. Remember that this is only an estimate based on previous schedules, and there are circumstances that may prove this wrong.

Genshin 2.8 Update COUNTDOWN


When is Genshin 2.8 Update Coming Out?

Genshin 2.8 Leaks: Banners/Characters

So far, leaks say there’s a Kazuha rerun in version 2.8. Because the game’s social media accounts have officially announced Shikanoin Heizou, he’s also a likely new character in this version. He’s likely to be a 4-star Anemo Catalyst user (the first male one). No word on other featured banners yet.

When is the Genshin 2.8 Livestream?

If all goes well, it’s scheduled for June 22, 2022. This can still change depending on the situation in Shanghai and how well recording turns out.

Genshin Timeline: Past Updates & Events

June 13th, 2022

The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival

Rhythm minigame event, with Primogems and more at stake. After completing the last song, players also get a drum instrument they can use in the overworld

May 2022

Genshin 2.7 Update

Compensation will be given to players for every week the update is delayed starting May 11, the stated release date of version 2.7.
The Ayaka banner and accompanying weapon banner remains available until version 2.7 is released.
Unfortunately, events still ended, and there’s no news of a new one after the “Marvelous Merchandise”
There’s an announcement for the “Spices from the West” event that will let players cook food for teapot companions. (However, the teapot arrangement feature is still under maintenance so the event will have to be done without being able to switch companions). It starts on May 14.

April 2022

2.7 Livestream Scheduled & Delayed

The 2.7 livestream was scheduled for April 29. Yelan (5-star) and Kuki Shinobu (4-star) are the featured characters for this patch, with an Arataki Itto rerun banner following them. Events and other features to follow.
The current events are the Vibro-Crystal Research and an upcoming Ley Line Overflow event.
However, due to the Covid situation in Shanghai, the livestream was delayed. Following that, patch 2.7 has stalled as well.

March 2022

2.6 Livestream, Irodori Festival Event, New Location

2.6 livestream on March 18 confirmed the following
5* banners will feature Kamisato Ayato along with Venti in the first half, then Kamisato Ayaka on the second half in a solo banner. No new 4* has been announced for this patch.
There’s the Irodori Festival event, with a free 4* (Xingqiu) up for grabs. There’s also Primogems and other rewards available
New location to explore, the Chasm. It’s sure to be filled with lore.
New Archon (main) quest 2.6 went live on March 30.

Feburary 2022

2.5 Livestream, New Character Kamisato Ayato

The 2.5 livestream confirmed that Yae, Raiden Shogun, and Kokomi are the featured characters for version 2.5. No new 4-star was announced.
The concert was a treat after the livestream, for the celebration of the Lantern Rite.
Kamisato Ayato (5*) is a leaked upcoming character, maybe in 2.6 or 2.7. Still, fans are going crazy trying to find out how he looks like and more definite descriptions of his skills.

Janurary 2022

Lantern Rite Fesitival

The Lantern Rite Festival returned. Notable rewards from the event are:

Free Ningguang (4-star) skin
Free 4-star character from Liyue
Primogems and more

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