How Did Mona Get Her Vision?

Mona Genshin Impact Bio
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Because of her belief that even gods operate under the world’s laws, a Vision being an object of power is nothing to her. As a truth-seeker, combat skill isn’t high on her list of priorities. Still, she thinks her battle prowess is valuable, especially for her hydromancy.

It was a teaching aid her master gave to her. She wore it as an accessory and souvenir of the time spent together. Despite being useless in her hands, she cherished it all the same. Yet, as it happens, it eventually awoke to her, and it became her own Vision.

It’s not an unheard-of event, as Ningguang also similarly came by her Vision. There’s also Kazuha’s quest to find a bearer for his dead friend’s Vision. He’s unsure whether it will work, but he doesn’t know about Ningguang and Mona’s Visions.

At any rate, the Hydro Archon embodies justice. As it stands, there are too few Hydro Vision holders to compare experiences with. Barbara got hers after taking care of a gravely ill child. Xingqiu got his after having an epiphany about the Guhua Clan’s martial art. It’s unclear how and when Childe got his, as the section devoted to Visions is about his Delusion instead.

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