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In Genshin Impact, the characters you use decide the kind of playstyle you use. Some abilities let them shine on the field, while others don’t need to be present to be helpful. Increasing your Genshin character count gives you a variety of styles to mix and match, depending on your preferences. However, the question remains, how do you get more characters?

Genshin Impact Wishing Mechanics and Tips

The most obvious way to get more characters is to wish for them. Click on the star icon on the upper right to go to the Wish Menu in the game. You’ll see three to four* banners available to wish on. Those are:

  • One or two Event Character Banner(s)
  • A corresponding Event Weapon Banner (Epitome Invocation, one or both featured 5-star weapons are usually the ‘signature weapon(s)’ of the featured 5-star character/s)
  • The Standard Banner (Wanderlust Invocation), also called perma-banner, has a fixed prize pool. Additions are permanent, as in the case of Tighnari after the 3.1 patch.

*There’s a special banner (Novice Banner) available for new accounts, giving a guaranteed Noelle (4* Geo Claymore) on the first 10-pull. It has a 20-pull limit, after which it disappears from the menu. Another characteristic is a special discount on doing a 10-pull, unique only on this banner. This one isn’t counted.

You’ll need ‘Fate’ to wish on any of these banners. There are two kinds: Intertwined Fate (‘purple fate’) and Acquaint Fate (‘blue fate’). Purples are for the Event Banners, no matter which kind, while the blues are for the Standard Banner. Make sure you don’t get them mixed up!

Both Fates have the same price in the shop: 160 Primogems. Alternatively, in exchange for 5 Starglitter and 75 Stardust (which has a 40% discount), you can get them in the corresponding menus in Paimon’s Bargains. You only get the latter two currencies when you wish. Stardust Fates also have a limit of 5 (for both kinds) every month, but they’re also the cheapest. (750 Stardust for 5 blues and 5 purples.)

As you play the game, you’ll want to save your Primogems for purples (Intertwined Fates). The Standard Banner will always be there, contrasting the Event Banners, which rotate with different featured characters/items every so often.

This way, you’ll always have Primogems to spare whenever an Event Character you want appears. Due to the mechanic of how pity works, you’re likely to get the Standard Banner Characters from the Event Banners anyway.

For a deeper explanation of pity, here’s how it works:

  • If you haven’t received a 5-star at 89 pulls, your 90th one will be a guaranteed 5-star. It’s 80 on the Weapon Banner, so if you haven’t got a 5-star weapon at 79 pulls, on your 80th, one is guaranteed.
  • This counter resets once you’ve received a 5-star without reaching pity.
  • A ‘soft pity’ mechanic subtly increases the chances of getting a 5-star starting at 75 pulls on the Standard and Character Banners and 65 on Weapon.
  • If the 5-star character you received isn’t the featured one, your next 5-star (whenever that is) will be guaranteed the featured character. This is called losing 50/50, as there is a 50% chance of being either the featured character or one of the Standard Banner characters.
  • On the Weapon Banner, 5-star weapons you can receive have a 75% to be either of the featured ones. If it isn’t, the next 5-star will be a featured one. Since there are two, the Epitomized Path ensures you’ll get your wanted weapon on your third 5-star pull. (Make sure you choose one to aim for beforehand!)
  • The Standard Banner has a 90-pity counter for 5-stars. It doesn’t give a guarantee whether it’s a weapon or character. You can get the following 5-stars from this banner:
    • Jean
    • Diluc
    • Mona
    • Keqing
    • Qiqi
    • Tighnari
    • Skyward Series of weapons (Skyward Sword, Skyward Pride (claymore), Skyward Spine (polearm), Skyward Atlas (catalyst), Skyward Harp (bow))
    • Aquila Favonia
    • Wolf’s Gravestone
    • Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
    • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
    • Amos’ Bow
  • There is a 4-star (or above) guarantee every 10 pulls in all banners. That means every 10-pull has a guaranteed one 4-star weapon or character. The chances of getting a 5-star in this way are minuscule but possible.
  • Pity counters do not cross over to other banner types. That means pulling in Event Character Banners does not add to the pity counters of the Weapon or Standard Banners. The only exception is if there are two featured characters, like the (as of writing) current 3.1 banners, Cyno and Venti. They share their pity count.
  • Pity counters carry over to the following Event banner (for Character and Weapon). For example, suppose you’ve pulled 50 times for Cyno or Venti. In that case, you might get Nilou, Albedo, or a different character in the future on your subsequent 40 pulls. The 50/50 guarantee also carries over in this way, no matter how many banners you skipped in the meantime.
  • Unfortunately, Epitomized Paths in the Weapon Banner do not carry over. Use up your Fate Points before the next banner comes!
  • Newly released 4-stars do not get added into the pool of 4-stars on the Standard Banner until the next patch. The 4-star characters previously featured has a hidden rate up on the Standard Banner for some time afterward.
  • A Standard Banner character having an event banner (as in the case of Keqing) will be unavailable on the Standard Banner in the meantime.

In short, if you keep wishing, your character collection will naturally build up. Wishing also lets you earn Masterless Starglitter, which you can use to buy more Fates or the rotating characters available in the store.

Farming Primogems

This is your primary way of getting Fates. There are various ways to get them:

  • Daily Commissions (60 every day)
  • Opening Chests (variable on the type of chest opened)
  • Specific quests award the currency for completion.
  • Bug fixes or maintenance compensation
  • Event rewards
  • Redemption Codes
  • If you’ve bought the Gnostic Hymn/Chorus, reaching specific levels in the Battle Pass will reward Primogems.
  • Achievements reward 5-20 Primogems depending on their difficulty.
  • Reaching endings in Hangouts will reward you with some.
  • The Spiral Abyss floors 1-8 will reward 100 Primogems per star you get on each floor. That’s 300 per floor, for a total of 2,400. You only get this once, and you can’t repeat to get another 300. You can, however, do it on floors 9-12. For every three stars on those floors, you get 50 Primogems, for 150 per floor. That’s 600 if you get 36 stars, and if you do it twice a month, that’s 1,200 Primos! Floors 9-12 are reset every 1st and 16th of each month.
  • The Daily Check-In promotion gives Primogems after some consecutive log-ins

Some players hold off on claiming Hangout or achievement rewards until they need the currency. Others get them immediately and convert the gems to the Fates they need as soon as possible. It depends on your preferences.

The Spiral Abyss floors 9-12 is a challenge for the more advanced players. It is possible with only 4-star characters, but you’ll need to invest in getting them the best artifacts, weapons, and constellation upgrades. The lower floors are easier to do, though you’ll need two teams of characters you’ve invested in.

Daily Commissions may look small at 60 per day, but you can gather 10 pulls in a month if you do it daily. At an average of 30 days a month, that’s 1800 Primogems, enough for 11 Fates with 40 of the currency left over.

Also, the above ways mean that if you play the game, you’ll be getting Primogems whatever you do. The only question is how much you earn, which depends on your chosen activities.

Events That Reward Characters

Every once in a while, the game will have an event that lets you invite a 4-star character. Here are some examples:

  • Unreconciled Stars (Fischl)
  • Liyue Lantern Rite 2021 (your choice of a Liyue 4-star)
  • Energy Amplifier Initiation (Diona)
  • Thunder Sojourn (Beidou)
  • Labyrinth Warriors (Xinyan)
  • Liyue Lantern Rite 2022 (your choice of Liyue 4-star)
  • Hues of the Violet Garden (Xingqiu)

There are also permanent events that will reward 4-star characters:

  • People’s Choice (Spiral Abyss event): Complete Floor 3 Chamber 3 to get Xiangling
  • Baptism of Song: Reach 18 AR and complete the quest ‘A Long Shot’ to invite Barbara to your team!
  • Curtain of Leaves (Spiral Abyss event): Complete Floor 4 Chamber 3 to get Collei

Aloy was made available to all players who logged in during an event as a promotion with Horizon Forbidden West. She is technically a 5-star but without constellation upgrades, which could mean there is no hope for a rerun of the event.

Activities That Reward Fates

By offering Electro Sigils to the Sacred Sakura in Narukami Shrine, you can get both Intertwined and Acquaint Fates when reaching specific levels. The same goes for the Tree of Dreams in Vanarana (Dendro Sigils), the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine (Crimson Agate), and upgrading the Lumenstone Adjuvant (Lumenspar). Some methods may only give Acquaint Fates.

The anniversary Check-In events usually give 10 Intertwined Fates over a few days. Some mail events will also provide fates according to the whims of the developers.

One last source of Fates (unfortunately, only blues are available this way) is to ascend characters. You can get three if you’ve reached ascension 5 (level 70-80) on them. With 53 currently available characters, that’s a total of 159 Acquaint Fates. You get the Fates on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th phases.

Go and Wish for More Characters

More and more characters will be added to the game. Mika, Dehya, Nahida, and Alhaitham have appeared in the game and are obviously playable. With the release of Dendro, Baizhu is also confirmed to be playable (hopefully soon). That’s not even mentioning mystery leaked characters floating around (though take those with a grain of salt).

You’ll need luck to get the characters you want, especially if going free-to-play. Otherwise, reaching guarantees is easy when you pay for more wishes. Still, it’s the only way to get more characters in Genshin Impact. Have fun wishing, and don’t mind if you can’t get the one you want. Their banner will come around again.

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