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How to Get to the Nameless Island in Genshin Impact?

By | May 31st, 2022 | Categories: Genshin Impact, Genshin Tips
  • How to Get to the Nameless Island?

    If you look out to sea from Starsnatch Cliff, you'll see a distant island, not on the map. It may also be seen from the starting beach, but only if it isn't too foggy. That's the Nameless Island in Mondstadt, a different island from the one in the Golden Apple Archipelago event.

    At any rate, it's possible to get there, just not by swimming. The fastest way to get there is to glide from Starsnatch Cliff. Use stamina-preserving food, Anemo Resonance, and the glide speed-boosting gadget. If you have Xiao or Kazuha, that's even better to speed up the journey.
    You can also make an ice bridge (Ayaka is recommended) to get there. Using the Waverider is also an option, but you'll be coming from Inazuma, an even longer journey.

    Reaching the island should be an achievement (unless you've obtained it from another activity). There's also an Anemoculus here and a quest. Completing the latter will also give another achievement, so it's worth it to go to the Nameless Island.

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