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The Jinni are followers of the Goddess of Flowers. As such, they can create fertile patches of land in the desert. Their power let the ancient city of Gurabad prosper, though lore says they are also the cause of its downfall. In the current times of Teyvat, they are considered a lost race, but one remains in the Traveler’s journey to find the Eternal Oasis with Jeht in Genshin Impact.

Jinni Mechanics

The Jinni may be a powerful force. However, time has taken its toll on them. Your Jinni companion can only do a few things, having lost most of her power. She can:

  • Warn you of incoming sandstorms.
  • Increase your visibility during a sandstorm.
  • Clear out atmospheric phenomena.
  • Create or dispel sandstorms at will.
  • Give comprehension of previously unreadable text.

The moment you get her, she can only do the first two things. You must find her fragments before she regains enough power to do the rest.

As more power returns to her, her bottle starts sporting wings (or petals) to indicate how much stored energy she has. One is enough to dispel small atmospheric phenomena, but she needs two to remove the bigger ones. You can recharge her quickly by going near a Jinni Shrine, which you can see in the minimap as twisted branches when nearby. However, you can wait a while to let her natural regeneration work. Still, it’s faster to go to a shrine.

Quests Required for the Jinni’s Upgrades

The Jinni has 6 fragments you have to find to completely upgrade her. You can find those fragments as you do quests around the Desert of Hadramaveth. Specifically, here are the quests.

The Dirge of Bilqis

This is the World Quest that puts you on the path to the Eternal Oasis. Jeht has made contact with the Tanit tribe where her father came from. Because of her status as a half-outsider, she was permitted to search for the Goddess of Flowers’ resting place. It was his father’s last request, after all, and she’ll finish her parents’ life’s work. Plus, it’s as good a place as any to lay them to rest.

You meet the Jinni because she is the only guide to the Eternal Oasis. That starts your adventures in searching for her fragments and the famed Oasis. In your journeys, you’ll also encounter conspiracies and betrayals. Still, you’ll triumph against all odds to find the legendary resting place.

Of course, this requires completing the Golden Slumber quest first.

The Falcon’s Hunt

After waiting a real-world day (or the server reset) following the completion of the Dirge of Bilqis, you can get the Tadhla the Falcon quest from the Tanit. It’s the prerequisite quest for ‘The Falcon’s Hunt,’ where you can get another fragment.

Although the Traveler finished their business by helping Jeht, the Tanit isn’t done with them. They need your help with a few more things. Help them out, and you can find another of the Jinni fragments. Still, you must weather through even more betrayals. It looks like Mother Babel isn’t as honest as she seems…

Memories of Gurabad

While looking for the Eternal Oasis, you’ll see a vast chessboard. This quest opens once you’ve found and placed the 5 missing pieces onto it. Unfortunately, this will also make the Jinni mute afterward, like their consciousness is gone. However, you can still use the Jinni bottle as usual. She only won’t talk during cutscenes anymore.

About Liloupar

Disclaimer: Spoilers for the above quests

Liloupar was a Jinni who fell in love with a shepherd. She helped the latter become a ruler of the tribes but warned him that she would tolerate no betrayals of her ideals. Like humans are wont to do with absolute power, her lover became a power-hungry tyrant, and all her love turned into hate.

You see, despite the Jinni having emotions similar to humans, they feel them more intensely. Their love borders on obsession, and when it shifted to hate, it was with the force of a thousand burning suns. Their loyalty lasts as long as their almost immortal lifespan, and only death (usually their contractor’s) can separate them.

As the price he has to pay, she twisted the fates of her children to make everyone suffer. She cast a generational curse, turning the futures of her children (and grandchildren) for the betrayal. This caused the decline and destruction of the desert kingdoms.

Gurabad was once a green city filled with plant life and water. Slowly through the curse, the flowing lifeblood dried up and gave way to sand. The kingdom eventually met its end through the exiled grandson, and all that’s left are the ruins you see.

She (or her soul) was broken into pieces. The first fragment you meet has the most ‘consciousness’ of them all and was imprisoned in that patch of greenery you see it in. As a result, she doesn’t have all her memories and powers, which you regain throughout the quests.

You’ll see snippets and pieces of what happened through the stone tablets scattered across the ruins. There are several, and some even reach the other parts of the desert. The Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact set lore also mentions the kingdom’s fall. Lastly, you can see one or two mentions of it through the restored obelisks with the seals you collect.

Explore the Desert of Hadramaveth with the Jinni!

Your Jinni companion is invaluable to exploring the new area. If you’ve ever experienced a sandstorm without them, it’s hard to see through all the sand blowing around. Then there are also the vortexes that hide mechanisms and hints to a nearby puzzle. They can reveal so many discoveries that are otherwise hidden from you.

Unfortunately, they won’t answer after ‘Memories of Gurabad,’ but meeting them was the critical part. They also won’t speak outside of cutscenes, so you wouldn’t usually notice. Still, you can take them anywhere, past the Desert of Hadramaveth like other ‘equipable’ gadgets.

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