Where to Find Ore in Genshin Impact?

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  • Where to Find Ore?

    Ore are a necessary resource for crafting and forging in Genshin Impact. There are currently 6 types of ore:

    l  Iron Chunk
    l  White Iron Chunk
    l  Starsilver
    l  Crystal Chunk
    l  Amethyst Lump
    l  Magic Crystal Chunk

    Each mineral has its own characteristics and appearance. Iron nodes are dark in color and pointed, while White Iron is silvery and a bit round. Starsilver is spiky, and Crystal, Amethyst, and Magic Crystal have the most eye-catching looks. Crystal is blue green in color, Amethyst is a pink-purple, and Magic Crystal is dark blue.

    Iron and White Iron are standard across all nations. Often, you can find them alone or mixed with Crystal and Amethyst nodes. Amethyst can only be found in Inazuma. Starsilver only has nodes in Dragonspine. Magic Crystal infrequently appears in certain mining spots.

    When going mining, you should note where you find the groups of ores as you travel. They don't change locations though it can take some time to respawn. Having Ningguang in your party can help immensely when mining.

    When you hit reputation level 2 in any nation, you can ask the blacksmith of that region where Magic Crystal ores are. These mining spots are big ones, with at least 1-2 Magic Crystal and 3-5 Crystal nodes. There might be some Iron and White Iron in there too! For Inazuma, it'll be with Amethyst ore with Magic Crystal ones. Some other NPCs can mark other mining spots too.

    The Chasm is a great place to stock up on all kinds of ores (save for Amethyst and Magic Crystals).

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