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Where to Get Noctilucous Jade in Genshin Impact?

By | May 31st, 2022 | Categories: Genshin Impact, Genshin Tips
  • Where to Get Noctilucous Jade?

    These pretty stones are the Liyue specialty ascension material of Beidou and Yanfei. They're on par with Crystal Ores, needing strong Geo attacks or claymore hits to break and be collected. They can be found all over Liyue, but most nodes are in Mingyun Village. The Chasm's Underground Mines are also an excellent place to harvest them.

    Shitou sells 5 of them for 1,000 Mora apiece and replenishes stock every three days. Yanfei or Qiqi can help identify and find them from afar! Follow the hands on the minimap.

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