Hitting the Bullseye: The Division 2 Brian Johnson Figure

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Bad to the bone
4.5 out of 5 Price: $51.74 - Amazon : May 19, 2019

Being a sniper specialist who dons a lethal McMillan TAC-50C rifle, Brian Johnson is quickly gaining recognition from The Division 2 players who have a deep affinity for long-range assaults as well as downright badass characterization. Unveiled by Ubisoft in E3 demo version of the game, he has since been cemented as one of the foremost characters associated with the game.

With The Division 2 Brian Johnson Figure, which perfectly captures his imposing profile, hardcore fans now have one more collectible to covet. One thing’s for certain: It would sure look great around your console as you grind away the hours playing the game.

Who is Brian Johnson?

For the Uninitiated, Brian Johnson is a Santa Cruz native who turned in his surfboard for a career in law enforcement due to his overwhelming drive to become a professional. Thanks to a rather nasty breakup, he found himself hastily committing to a career with the Baltimore Police Department. It was there where he flourished as a sniper in their quick response team. He was then recruited by the Strategic Homeland Division and it was during that time that the outbreak spread and Brian’s keen sense of survival was pushed to the forefront. While he did manage to rise above the ensuing chaos, it wasn’t without its toll as he witnessed firsthand how his friends succumbed to the disease one by one.

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What’s so special about this figure?

This finely textured figurine sees Brian Johnson with his signature TAC-50C sniper rifle in one hand and a handy M9 pistol in the other. The level of detailing that it boasts is truly remarkable and we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that one could easily be forgiven for thinking that Brian jumped right out of the monitor. Made of PVC material, it stands at a modest 26cm and can be paired with the Heather Ward figurine.

Should I get this figurine?

If you’re a hardcore fan of The Division 2, yes. The attention to detail that UbiCollectibles put forth is nothing short of amazing. Even the packaging comes with an intricate background that you can probably use as a backdrop on your shelf so you can proudly display your figurine. As for the statue’s quality itself, it is mounted on a neatly engraved base. The plastic-made sniper is detachable and can sit snugly atop Brian’s shoulder. Lastly, there’s the impressively meticulous work they did on the figure itself which we can’t stress enough! Every pant crease and muscle tone is brought to life.

One Shot, One Kill, No Luck, All Skill

The Division 2 has been hailed by critics the general gaming public alike for its tight gameplay. With such a reputation solidified, it should come as no surprise that it has spawned legions of fans, and with it, the inevitable merchandise. While some may see these collectibles and trinkets as mere cash grabs, it’s undeniable that the satisfaction they bring to the fans makes them worthwhile. And that’s exactly what The Division 2 Brian Johnson Figure brings; satisfaction and an elevated appreciation of a well-designed game and a masterfully conceptualized franchise. Prop this awesome figure up and boot up your console. It’s time to hit the mean streets of post-pandemic Washington DC with The Division 2.

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