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Players’ mission in Lethal Company is to gather as much scrap as possible on each moon before midnight. This task might seem simple, but the dangers and challenges will prevent employees from collecting all the available items on the map. If you are rather picky on which scraps you should focus on getting, here is a list showing how much each item is worth in the Company:

All Lethal Company Scraps and Prices

There are currently about 42 items available in Lethal Company. Gamers should note that not all of them will appear when scavenging a moon. In addition, some things have special functions or interactions that employees should consider before picking them up or selling them. Here is the list of all scraps in Lethal Company:

Scrap NameValue
Metal Sheet16 credits
Candy21 credits
Dust Pan22 credits
Hair Brush22 credits
Steering Wheel24 credits
Cookie Mold Pan26 credits
Big Bolt26 credits
Egg Beater28 credits
Pill Bottle28 credits
Toothpaste31 credits
Fish Toy34 credits
Toy Cube34 credits
Remote34 credits
Stop Sign36 credits
V-Type Engine38 credits
Tea Kettle44 credits
Pickle Jar46 credits
Cog/Gear46 credits
Mug46 credits
Bottle Case50 credits
Rubber Ducky51 credits
Magnifying Glass52 credits
Red Soda54 credits
Magic Ball54 credits
Old Phone56 credits
Chemical Jug58 credits
Golden Cup60 credits
Clown Horn62 credits
Airhorn62 credits
Brass Bell64 credits
Fancy Ring66 credits
Laser Pointer66 credits
Wedding Ring66 credits
Dentures72 credits
Toy Robot72 credits
Perfume Bottle76 credits
Hairdryer80 credits
Apparatus80 credits
Painting92 credits
Fancy Lamp94 credits
Cash Register120 credits
Gold Bar156 credits

Ideally, players should go for the highest-value scraps in each moon. However, it is difficult to determine what item you will find along the way, so it is best to pick everything up. The value of the scrap should only matter if you cannot pick up any more items, and you have to choose which things should be brought to the ship first. Other items are not scrap, but you can still sell them for profit if you get them to the storage. Here are other things that you can give to the Company:

Keys3 credits
Bee Hive100 credits
Apparatus100 credits

You can find these three items on most moons, which can be sold for profit. However, the Bee Hive and Apparatus will trigger specific interactions if you collect them, which can be dangerous for the team. 

Special Uses and Interactions

Several items in Lethal Company have various functions, which players should consider before selling. Some can be useful in fending off monsters, while others are good for finding or guiding teammates. Here are unique things that some of these sellable items can do:

  • Clown Horn and Blow Horn – These items can emit loud noises, which you can use to distract or attract monsters or guide teammates lost in low visibility areas. 
  • Keys – You can find these items wherever and use them to open locked doors inside the facilities. While you can sell them to the Company, you get more value from bringing them during excursions. 
  • Stop Sign – The sign is one of the several items in the game that you can use as a weapon. If you don’t have any shovels, you can opt not to sell this item to use it as a bonk weapon against monsters.
  • Laser Pointer – This item can guide players through low visibility areas or in the darkness. While they are less effective than flashlights, they are helpful enough when you are out of batteries. 
  • Bee Hive – This resource can only be sold to the Company. However, the process of acquiring it is dangerous because of the unique interaction it has with Circuit Bees. These insects aggressively guard the hive and attack anyone near it. If you try to take it, they will go into a frenzy and will not stop attacking anything until they find their home. 
  • Apparatus – In some instances, a device can be obtained inside facilities. While the item itself is not dangerous, taking it out of the socket will trigger a meltdown and increase the radioactivity in the area. Staying too long inside the building after removing the apparatus will eventually erode your protective suit, which will result in your death. 

These items can have a specific use or interaction when picked up. Remember them because the crew’s life may depend on them. 

Tips and Tricks for Gathering Scraps

  • When you find scraps while inventory is complete, choose the highest-value item first and return for the others later. 
  • Instead of returning to the ship immediately, leave the scraps just outside the building so you can quickly return to gather more items. 
  • Have someone man the consoles on the ship. Crewmates viewing the monitors can see if scraps are near the player they are watching. They can give out instructions to help the crew find items faster. 

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