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Amazon Games is delving into the wide world of MMO with a brand-new title New World. Eager fans want to know how this game will stack up against the many titles that are available in this genre. There are a few things that the world of Aeternum has to offer that sets it apart from others, which will be discussed in this article.

A key factor that differs from the more fantasy-based MMO titles that are very common in this genre is that the characters are all human. Also, it takes place on Earth as opposed to some form of fictional land. Preferring melee, man-made methods of combat over the usual wizardry, New World takes a more realistic approach to a massively multiplayer online game.

In this article, we will be looking at:

  • What is Aeternum?
  • What can you do on the legendary island of Aeternum?
  • How will combat work in New World?

What is Aeternum?

Players will arrive on the legendary island of Aeternum, which inhabits many dangerous creatures. Within the island are minerals that have capabilities to offer great power, depending on how they are used.

Magic and corruption play a massive part of the island of Aeternum, with ancient ruins protected by the skeletons of those lost here. There has been little more revealed about the location so far, but it seems as though its steeped in mystery. This could prove to be a major part of the game’s narrative.

What will players be doing on New World’s legendary island of Aeternum?

In New World, players have a varied choice of how they approach the game once they arrive in Aeternum. There is a PvP aspect that involves taking over territories, which will be divided by three factions. Don’t worry if PvP isn’t your bag. There is a whole aspect of the title in which you can approach as your typical RPG. So, if you prefer to team up and fight bosses, grind out levels, craft new items and more, then you will have the option to do so.

On the subject of territories, they will play a key role in PvP. This is part of a feature known as Companies, which house up to 50 players. Your company will then be tasked with taking over territories. Each of these territories feature a settlement and a fort, with the former offering housing for players and crafting stations. Once you have reached level 20, you will be able to purchase a house. Houses can be used as either a fast travel location or a place for you to respawn. You can also purchase more houses when reaching level 40 and 60 respectively and invite up to four friends to chill in your new home.

Meanwhile, Forts will serve a significant purpose, as you will need to take them over to gain control of territories. Once you have done so, you will be able to upgrade your fort as you see fit. There are a few deeper aspects too, such as having to set the tax rate for the territory. Also, you could be drafted by a company to help defend a fort from attacking enemies, whether they are monsters or real-life players.

When it comes to the combat of New World, there is a particular depth to the feature. Timing plays a major part, so you need to pay close attention in choosing when to attack and when to dodge. There are familiar features to an MMO though, such as increasing your stats through levelling. You can expect your strength to increase through melee weapons, agility with ranged and so on. Weapon sets can be switched between rather easily. So far, at your disposal are; swords, spears, hammers, bows, rifles and hatchets. Whilst other MMO titles have restricted players to one form of combat style, New World aims to give you as much as freedom as possible.

As for crafting, there are a number of areas where this will be possible, varying in levels. Everything is relative when it comes to crafting; you’ll need to find rarer materials to craft rarer items. You will also need to find upper tier crafting stations to make these items, depending on their rarity. If you do want to find the more sought-after items, you will need to venture to more dangerous areas of the game. But the risk will surely be worth the reward.

What else do we know about New World?

Besides gameplay, there are a few other tidbits of information that we know about Amazon’s venture into the gaming world. New World is set to release next month, with a release date being listed as May 26th, 2020. When the game does launch, unlike other MMOs, players will not need to worry about any subscription fees. All you will need to do is pay for the base game, which is $40. As far as microtransactions go, there will be in-game items that players will be able to buy as well.

The population of the servers meanwhile, according to Amazon, will be over 1,000 players at a time. If you would like to gain early access, then you can check out the beta for the game this month. To do so, you will need to pre-order New World to gain access to the closed beta.


That’s everything that we have learned about the hotly anticipated MMO New World and the island of Aeternum so far. It seems that Amazon Games are heading into the popular online genre with a clear focus of how to keep players enticed by offering them something a bit different to the usual formula, whilst choosing to keep certain aspects that will be of comfort to veterans of these kind of games.

The good news is that it won’t be long now until we venture into Aeternum and figure out everything that New World has to offer. Going off what we have heard already, there is plenty to get excited about, as players fight for territory, battle bosses and scrap for glory on an ancient island seeped in magic, inhabited by deadly monsters and so much more.

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