V Rising Iron Whip: How to Get the Blueprint

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V Rising features a plethora of weapons that specialize in various fields. Each item will have three skills that can scale in damage depending on your build. The Iron Whip is among the best weapons available because of its decent kiting abilities. It’s a tremendous mid-range item with mobility skills that allow you to reposition easily. Players become aware of its existence after finding a Merciless Iron Whip recipe, but the blueprints for the base one won’t be available until later. Here is how you can unlock the V-Rising Iron Whip:

V-Rising Iron Whip

Like any other Iron-made item, the Iron Whip immediately features three weapon skills. Its medium range allows you to hit enemies and bosses from a comfortable distance, close enough to let you use melee abilities. It also has decent kiting abilities, further enhanced by its first skill. Here is every active ability for the V-Rising Iron Whip:

  • Primary – Execute a combo of successive mid-range attacks, scaling 50% damage to 55% damage on the first enemy hit. Those within a small radius of the tip receive an additional 20% of physical harm. 
  • Aerial Whip Twirl – Leaps toward the direction of the cursor while swinging the Whip around to deal 100% Physical damage. You also knock back enemies and snare them for 1.5 seconds.
  • Entangling Whip – Attack in a straight line and deal 100% Physical damage while entangling them for 2 seconds.

There are six versions of the Whip, and you can unlock them as you progress through the game and beat more bosses. Some of these can be discovered by finding their blueprints or their components. However, you need to find the base version first before anything else.

How to Unlock V Rising Iron Whip 

You are more likely to find the blueprint for the Merciless Iron Whip instead of the base version. The plans for the Merciless version can be obtained as a drop or by randomly unlocking it via the Study. However, unlike other whips, the base Iron Whip will only be available after you kill a certain boss. On top of that, the Iron Whip design does not appear in the Study, so players won’t know how to unlock it. 

 Players will need to take out the level 60 boss Domina the Blade Dancer before they can learn the base design for the Iron Whip.This V Blood carrier patrols the Rustlock Village and its surrounding area, located in the southern part of Gloomrot Region. Her fight isn’t tough unless you’re undergeared, so players should reach at least item level 55 before facing off with her.

 Aside from unlocking the iron whip after her fight, you also gain a Tier 2 point for the Storm Magic School, which enables you to unlock Polarity Shift, Veil of Storm, or the Lightning Curtain. You also discover how to build Advanced Grinder and Castle Teleporters.

Unlocking the V Rising Sanguine Whip

After you unlock the base version of the Iron Whip, you can progress to the following four Whips. However, it would help if you beat a powerful boss to discover the ultimate Sanguine Whip, which is the most powerful version in the game. Unfortunately, you won’t get this until you reach end-game content.

You can learn the blueprint for the Sanguine Whip by defeating Simon Belmont, considered one of the two most powerful bosses in the game. The game doesn’t indicate his V-blood level, but many players recommend that you fight him at Item Level 90. The minimum lvl would be around 84, and facing him at this rank would be very difficult. 

Simon Belmont roams Farbane until Silverlight, which means you can encounter him early. We recommend that you use an upgraded Axe weapon since it’s one of the only melee weapons with a ranged attack. This allows you to poke him when you can’t attack him up front. Pistols and Spears would also work well against him because they deal more DPS, allowing you to deal more damage when you get close to him.

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