How to Link Epic Games Account to PS4 and Xbox

Link Epic Games Account to PS4 and Xbox
By | September 12th, 2021 | Categories: Account Linking Guides

Linking game accounts to other consoles or platforms is a must for every gamer. Not only does it make things a heck of a lot easier, but they needn’t worry about logging in every time they boot up the game anymore. In the case of Epic Games, you can get access to video games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Dauntless immediately just by linking your account to the platform of your choice.

How to Link Epic Games Account to PS4

Our only gripe with Epic Games is that there’s currently no application that supports Epic Games that’s also compatible with the PS4. It would be less of a hassle trying to link an account if there were an app, but it’s still possible for players to link their Epic Games account to their PlayStation Network account for the PS4—they’ll just have to access the Epic Games website on a PC or a laptop. Once they sign in to the Epic Games website using their account, they can check the dropdown menu that appears after hovering their username in the upper right corner. From there, players will be able to find the “Account” tab which they have to click. Afterward, they’ll have to check the sidebar and find “Connections” where linking multiple accounts to the Epic Games account is possible.

Once players find “Connections”, there’s a whole slew of different platforms they can find here. Scroll down until you find the PlayStation Network field. Then, click the “Connect” button that’s underneath it. When that’s done, a small pop-up screen would surface that will confirm that linking your PlayStation account means that you’ll be sharing your profile data, purchases, game progression, and earned game content such as DLCs with your Epic Games account. Keep in mind that when you’ve linked your PSN account to your Epic Games account, you will no longer be able to link a different PSN account to it. So be sure to link a PSN account that you primarily use.

How to Link Epic Account to Xbox

Much like when it comes to linking an Epic Games account to a PSN account, you’ll just have to make do with using the desktop website of Epic Games instead of using the console. This means that while it’s not possible to access your Epic Games account directly using the Xbox, at the very least you can still use the Epic Games website. The whole process is pretty much almost the same experience when linking a PS4 account except you have to find the Xbox logo instead of the PlayStation Network logo when it comes to connecting. Much like when it comes to linking a PSN account to an Epic Games account, you won’t be able to link a different Xbox account once you’ve confirmed to link both of the accounts.

Perks of Linking PS4 and Xbox Accounts to An Epic Games Account

If you’re playing Fortnite, Dauntless, and/or Rocket League, then linking your Epic Games account to either your PS4/Xbox account can save you a lot of time. This is because you no longer need to sign in to your Epic Games account every time you log into those games. Since most of the online games in the Epic Games store offer cross-platform progression, signing into an existing Epic Games account is a must if you want to move your progress from a PC to a console.


While gaming on a PC is arguably the best way to play games, console gaming is slowly creeping up to those standards with automatic 4k resolution and a stable 60 FPS. Plus, with so many games supporting cross-play and cross-platform progression, many gamers now prefer linking their various gaming accounts across different systems. This not only makes other gamers find them more easily, but it’s especially useful for managing your accounts with online play.

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