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problems with the switch

Is the OLED Switch Worth the Price? Green Tinted Screens are Putting Off Buyers

Red Rings of Death, Green Tints of Death You might’ve heard of the “Red Ring/Light of Death” before. The term surfaced when gamers faced a problem with the Xbox […]

byAndrea Tan|02 Nov 2021|News


New World Has Disabled All Forms of Trading Due to Gold Duping Exploit

Amazon Game Studios has disabled all forms of gold trading in their beleaguered MMO, New World, because of a gold duping exploit. Players are bemused more than furious, considering […]

byAndrea Tan|01 Nov 2021|Featured

monster hunter egg guide

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Monstie Hatching and Egg Guide

Ride on, Pawtner! Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the much-awaited sequel to Monster Hunter Stories which was originally released back on the 3DS. Monster Hunter Stories was a sleeper […]

byAndrea Tan|18 Oct 2021|Monster Hunter

WoW Burning Crusade Raids Locations

WoW TBC All Raid Requirements and Locations

In this article, you’ll find all the introductions from the Burning Crusade Raids (Present and Future) with locations. As a result, you only need to gather your Guild and […]

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