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A hub for the latest Destiny 2 news, including coverages of the latest patch notes, Eververse restocks, and roadmap.

Destiny 2 Next Expansion: Lightfall (2023)

Lightfall is the next expansion after The Witch Queen, find out the latest Destiny 2 Lightfall Leaks, including the anticipated release date and potential content.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Release Date:

There’s no confirmed release date for Destiny 2: Lightfall, it was originally slated to launch in 2022 with Which Queen coming in 2021. With the subsequent delay of Witch Queen, Lightfall is now expected to launch in 2023.

Destiny 2 Lightfall New Features:

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen added Savathun’s Throne World as a new location and every previous expansion has expanded the game’s available hub worlds. Bungie confirmed that Lightfall will feature a Legendary Campaign, similar to Witch Queen.

Destiny 2 Timeline/Roadmap: 2022 Seasons & Events

May 24 – Aug 23, 2022

Destiny 2 Season 7: Season of the Haunted

New season, “Season of the Haunted” will run for 3 months.
3 new items are available for free for all players: (1) Nightmare Containment, a new PVE challenge for fireteams; (2) Trespasser Exotic Sidearm, Shiro-4’s special weapon, and a returning favorite; and (3) Solar 3.0, a new update and rehaul of the Solar subclass which introduces new perks and systems
“Sever”, the game’s Season Pass major activity (purchased) takes Guardians back to the Leviathan, one of Destiny 2 vanilla’s older raids in an updated storyline involving the resurfaced Calus and his Nightmare armada.
There is a new Season Pass filled with new resources, exclusive season items, and cosmetics
This season also includes Destiny patch 4.1.0 which includes a lot of quality of life improvements and tweaks.

May 3 – 24, 2022

February 22, 2022

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