Destiny Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide for Eyes of Tomorrow

Destiny Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide
By | December 7th, 2020 | Categories: Destiny

The much-awaited Destiny Deep Stone Crypt raid is now live! Raids are a big part of the Destiny experience, as they offer unique gameplay experiences along with some great high-level rewards. This time, we have the Beyond Light Exotic rocket launcher “Eyes of Tomorrow” as the main reward.

In this guide, we’ll take you through each step of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, best strategies, and what you can expect going in.

Destiny Deep Stone Crypt First Encounter – Light & Dark rooms

The raid starts with a Pike section, where you have to progress through bubbles – that offer buffs – while avoiding the storm – that gives you debuffs, in order to reach the end. Be careful with storm exposure, as 10 stacks of the Frostbite debuff will kill you.

The first encounter of the Destiny Deep Stone crypt involves two rooms and a long basement-like area beneath. The doors connecting these rooms are all locked.

Let’s call the two rooms “Light” and “Dark”, since one is brighter than the other. There are a total of ten control panels, equally distributed between these rooms, and your goal is to destroy the fuses on the inner walls along with four cylinders on the main floor. Have some sort of nomenclature for these items to ensure better team communication. Now there are mini fuses in the basement, corresponding to the main fuses, and these will be highlighted in order.

Only operators (red buff) can use the control panels and will be the ones using the yellow buff (scanner – held by a vandal in the Dark room) to see which one is highlighted. Taking the operator buff starts the encounter. To complete the encounter, trade the scanner buffs between the two sides in order to correctly call out the highlighted panels that the operator can then shoot.

Second Encounter – Atraks-1

The second encounter is against Atraks-1, and is quite challenging to face. You need to play it safe while watching the timers, and make sure your team communication is on point.

There are two rooms in this area – a bunker room (where the vandal spawns with the operator buff) and a space room (where the vandal spawns with the scanner buff), each of which is divided into three lanes, each with its own augment-swapper. Each room will have four Atraks-1 replicas when the encounter spawns, with more spawning.

The main challenge in this encounter is trading the scanner buff between the teams in the two rooms. This will help you highlight the duplicate Atraks.

Later, six Servitors will arrive and shut down the machine. Killing them will trigger a wipe nuke animation, and one of the duplicates will glow, which you have to damage to halt the nuke. Killing these duplicates will spawn a debuff that players can pick up. You can also start damaging the boss at this stage, and I recommend using the Lament at this stage. In the last phase, the entire team should be in the space station along with the Atraks-1 and the replicants. The team should attack the one highlighted by the scanner.

Remember that the debuff you pick (called “Atraks-1 Replication”) has a 45-second time limit. To solve this issue, you need to eject the auras into space through one of the airlocks near the space room. You can open these by shooting the panels as the operator.

Third Encounter – Taniks Reborn

The third encounter introduces a few new mechanics such as nuclear core disposition and the third suppressor buff. The suppressor is the one that shoots and stuns Taniks while positioned below the drones. Shooting them thrice stuns Taniks and unlocks access to the bins that you will use to dispose the nuclear cores. This encounter is much easier than the one before, and I feel like it was added just to introduce players to these mechanics, since they will be used in the final encounter.

Two players will pick up the cores to deposit them to the bins (one per bin), while the operator shoots Taniks if he appears. Note that all abilities (movement excluded) are deactivated while carrying a core.

Once the hatch in the centre of the room is unlocked, Taniks will come for you. You have to run to the end of the hall to move to the final encounter.

Final Encounter

The arena has three different sections – the spawn point, a blue section, and an orange section – each of which has an augment machine and white bins. As usual, the Vandals spawn at each section (suppressor: orange, operator: spawn, scanner: blue). When Taniks starts attacking, you need to shoot the four orange thrusters on his sled, two at a time.

Each of these thrusters will drop a core on being destroyed, which your team can then be dropped into the bins. Note that the runners will have Radiation debuff that will kill them when it hits 10 stacks. The required bins will be marked by the scanner who will direct the runners to the respective bins. The suppressor, like the previous encounter, is the key to unlocking these bins by shooting Taniks. The suppressor must stand under the white spheres when shooting to stun Taniks, unlocking the bins for disposing the cores. Once all four cores have been disposed, the next phase is unlocked.

In this stage, you have to get into Taniks’ bubble to be able to finally damage and destroy him. During this phase, there will be debris flying around Taniks that can hurt you pretty badly. Taniks will also teleport around at times and has an enrage mechanism that will knock you back. Maintain distance from him by staying near the edge of the bubble with a Well of Radiance and your best weapons equipped.

Endnote on the Destiny Deep Stone Crypt Raid

We hope our Destiny Deep Stone Crypt guide helped you understand the raid better! The Crypt also offers additional rewards such as the chainsaw-sword hybrid “Lament”, and the lightning-based sniper “Cloudstrike”, which you can get without even having to complete the mission. For better results in the raid, have a Fireteam that knows about these mechanisms as well, and make sure the roles are assigned for each encounter before the raid starts. Good luck!

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