3 Quick and Easy Ways to Get FIFA 18 FUT Draft Entries

FIFA 18 FUT Draft
By | November 2nd, 2017 | Categories: FIFA

How can you get more FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT draft entries in EA Sports’ latest installment in its popular soccer series FIFA 18? The draft feature is indeed back in this new game, and while that should be good news for anyone who enjoyed this mode in previous iterations of FIFA, the bad news is that there aren’t too many resources out there that can help you come up with the ultimate fantasy team.

Just as usual, drafts would have everyone involved given a selection of players, with each manager required to pick one until they come up with a complete team of 11. It’s just as simple as that — no fancy stuff, no need to play the transfer market, no need to do extensive research on players. But how can you get a FIFA 18 FUT Draft entry in the first place? You’ll need them in order to take part in the draft, so read on for the three ways you can get them!

Alternative FIFA 18 FUT Draft Entries

The first thing to remember when talking about how to get FUT draft entries in FIFA 18 is that these entries don’t come cheap. In fact, they can set you back by a premium amount of in-game currency, as one draft entry will cost you a whopping 15,000 coins. You also have the option to pay 300 FIFA Points, which can be purchased with real money. If you’re like most players, you may be the type who isn’t crazy about spending real money in any kind of video game, and that alone shows you how much it costs to get one single draft entry in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Get Them Through Packs

Wouldn’t it be cool if the ways how to get FUT draft entries included getting them in packs? That would make things a lot easier, all things considered, and you wouldn’t have to spend a king’s ransom just to get a measly draft entry. The good news is that it is actually possible in FIFA 18, but the catch here is that it won’t happen too often — the odds of getting a draft entry in a pack are extremely low.

Consolation Prizes

Last, but not the least, you can get FUT draft entries as a consolation prize if you lose in the first round of a draft. Now you’ll usually get packs in such a situation, but if you want to get them for free — may it be in terms of your real-life money or the game’s own currency — losing the first round of your draft just could be a good source of draft entries.

Know of any other ways how to get FUT draft entries in FIFA 18? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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