How to Earn Free FIFA 18 Coins Fast for Your Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 Coins
By | October 27th, 2017 | Categories: FIFA

You may be aware of FIFA coins, which are considered by many as a controversial means of acquiring both new players and consumables in the Ultimate Team aspect of FIFA 18. The word controversial may seem harsh, especially if you are more than happy to go about gaining coins using real-life money through coin-selling sites, but there are ways in which you can earn them for free. So if you’re looking for the fastest and most effective method of getting your hands on FIFA 18 Coins for free, then here’s how.

2 Ways for Gaining FIFA 18 Coins

There are two methods in particular that will prove the most useful, which include the following:

  1. Via gameplay methods: you’ll earn around 4,000 to 8,000 coins per hour, which can be earned through matches, tournaments, rewards and coin boosts. For starters, you’re going to want to apply your coin boosts via the EA Football Club. From there, go to the Online Leagues and start playing. With the boost in place, you will earn 600 coins per win, plus further rewards for Division promotions and other victories. This will reap coins in the low thousands, so if you’re willing to put the time in, you’ll be racking them up in no time.
  2. FUT Draft mode: this will set you back a whopping 15,000 coin entry fee, so you are going to need to be prepared to put the time and effort in if you want to earn back your coins. If the gameplay method doesn’t take your fancy, then there is a way of earning coins for Ultimate Team without actually having to play a match, in a way that’s also fast and free.
  • Mass bidding: which begins with finding an in-demand player, as long as they are within your current budget. Your best bet is to look at the more unpopular positions such as full-backs, and focus on leagues that are populated with higher class players such as the Premier League and La Liga. From there, you search for their average purchase price through the card’s menus, then figure out the amount you’d need to purchase them for. Then, take off the EA Tax and go for say, 200 coins below.
    • Now, you’ll want to bid below the average price, just so you can then re-sell them for a couple of hundred coins profit for each one. To ensure that you are the first to bid on an item, you’ll want to head a few pages into the Transfer Market list, just to be certain. It’s worth noting that this method also means that you will have to place several bids, which shouldn’t be an issue since you can do so in bulk. You might be unsuccessful on many occasions, but over time you can return to the market to check your progress.

Key Points

Ultimately, the main thing to remember is that the more you bid, then the better chance you have at gaining some cheap cards, then relist them on the market for the same buy-it-now price as before. Going forward from here, your focus should be to just keep selling. As soon as you have cheap cards in your possession, flip them on the market and you’ll soon be racking up some serious coin.

These two methods are you best chances of earning free coins in FIFA 18 in the most time-effective manner. Also, if you have the patience to do so, then you’ll be knee deep in coins without spending a penny.

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