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FIFA 17 Career Mode: Kicking it Up a Notch

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By | May 5th, 2017 | Categories: FIFA

FIFA 17’s Career Mode is the default single player option of the game before The Journey came along. You manage a soccer team, thriving to make the best team. Choosing players and training them to win, while managing team income and expenses are in Career Mode. An improvement from last year’s career mode, FIFA 17 provides more control of the season. Also, the J-League is available with a soccer manager (as an avatar) on the sidelines.

Today, we’ll kick it off with questions, such as “What does it take to make the best team ever?” and “what’s FIFA 17 career mode potential all about?’

Potential Mechanics

A player’s potential is viewable through a line of text on their profile. Three different lines that express the amount of potential:

  1. Showing Great Potential (80-87)
  2. An Exciting Prospect (88-92)
  3. Has Potential to Be Special (93+)

Every team wants players with the potential to be special, but that’s not always the case. Good thing there’s a way to change potential, it just takes a while.

When loaning a player, a roll of dice dictates whether the player performs better, the same, or worse than before. Just loan the player whose potential needs improvement and wait for an offer to come along. Ideally, it shouldn’t be from the same league as you. Make sure to hit “save” as soon as the offer is accepted. Wait for some time to pass and retake you player. Why? Well, this triggers the dice roll to happen. Repeat these steps once you achieve the desired result.

“A” Players

In FIFA 17 Career Mode, players are diverse like people in real life. There are good and bad players and players who are mediocre or on the fence. So, how do you know who to choose, who are the best players, and at what price?

After a bit of searching online, a list should get players at a bargain. Keep in mind that these are good players for cheap prices:

  1. Dragowski (GK)
  2. Yedlin (RB)
  3. Henry (LB/LM)
  4. Awaziem (CB)
  5. Oxford (CB/CDB)
  6. Ascacibar (CDM)
  7. Lazaro (RM/RW/LM)
  8. Midtsjø (CM)
  9. Assombalonga (ST)
  10. Morris (ST)
  11. Sobhi (LW/LM)

The example above of players makes one great team. At the end of the day, it’s up to the player-as-manager to choose if they want the list or modify.

There’s another list of 25 “wonderkids” for Career Mode. It’s greater than the previous list though. However, prices to have them signed onto a team would probably be higher than the last list’s players. The list is for those who have enough money as an in-game manager to get greater players.

Talented Players

On the other hand, you could choose players according to their talents instead. Some players perform better as a Striker rather than a Goalkeeper. There are lists of players for goalkeepers and other positions. Double check the players to complete the team because no team needs more than one goalie (unless that’s how you roll). No one could tell anyone how to choose the players for their team.

The Verdict

We were able to clear out some of the cobwebs regarding career mode, good players, and choosing the last player for the team. You can compose your team with bargain players, expensive players, or a mixture of both, and increase a player’s potential.

FIFA 17’s Career Mode is only one of the many play modes within the game. There’s also The Journey and FUT to keep you occupied when career mode gets frustrating or when it’s time to spice things up. While some stuff might not apply to The Journey and FUT, there’s the player talent that’s good to consider.

Build your elite squad, score more goals, and enjoy FIFA 17!

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