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There is just something about a prodigy that makes the crowd go wild. Whether it’s their insane natural talent or their loaded energy, hard-worker, go-get-it attitude, everyone loves an underdog. The best thing about them, think Freddy Adu, Cristiano Ronald in his younger days, is that there is an almost dreamy field of possibilities that await them in their future. Which is not only great for them but as soccer fans looking to be awed by something inspirational, is amazing for us, too.

If you’re playing FIFA 18, entering in the career mode and going for players worth peanuts can give you a hearty investment when he turns into a world-class star.

Before you get the game or start looking for players for your team, we’d advise you to check out our FIFA 18 Best Young Players that are just brilliant. It might be worth taking a chance on someone who might be inexperienced but has the world awaiting them. Who knows? You might have just discovered the next Neymar.

10) LeRoy Sané

This 21-year-old winger hailing from Germany and playing on Manchester City is a left-footed young gem. He scores with a 91 ranking at potential ability and has a score of 94 in pace. The left winger is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

 9) Thomas Lemar

Lemar has boosted his ranking with his insane dribbling skills, vision for the various plays of the game, and has a strength in crossing. The French winger can play on both sides which give him invaluable worth and also through the center. The 21-year-old currency plays for AS Monaco.

8) Gabriel Jesus

It was only a matter of time before the Brazilian made our list. Gabriel Jesus is only 20 years old, at the beginning steps of his career and on the horizon of a very talented and promising career, Jesus is definitely worth an investment. Although recently in real life has just suffered through an MCL injury, the Manchester City star is fully capable of playing on FIFA 18.

7) Ousmane Dembélé

At only 20 years old, this French player was transferred for 105 million Euros to FC Barcelona. If that doesn’t say enough about his potential, he has his outstanding dribbling skills, his powerfully, explosive speed and acceleration should be enough to back it up. He plays for the French National team as well and hopefully will find a place on your team.

6) Marco Asensio

Hailing from the other side of the Spanish rivalry, 21-year-old Asensio is a left-footed attacking player for Real Madrid. Having most of his career in Spain, the young player is definitely worth a shot to put him out in the world and see what he does. The young footballer is also Dutch but decided to play for Spain.

5) Gianluigi Donnarumma

This Italian goalkeeper has the promise and skills to truly take him to the top. One of the youngest of them all, this 18-year-old footballer currently plays for AC Milan and might want to find a place on your team because we all know the sayings with goalkeepers, they are like a fine wine, only getting better with age. The best part about it: his contract expires, which makes him actually a free transfer when you’re in Career Mode.

4) Kylian Mbappé

The French PSG player is only 19 and already comfortable with being on the world stage. Member of the French National Team and on loan from Monaco, the forward is a great investment for your wildcard team and his worth can only go up from here as time passes by. He currently has a 94 score when it comes to potential, and with his high-velocity speed and accurate finishing, he can easily find his way to the top.

3) Anthony Martial

This French forward and 22-year-old is on Manchester United and also a member of the French National Team. Actually, he was the recipient of the 2015 Golden Boy Award, which is a great award to have for a young player, and was voted as the best under-21 player in Europe. Martial truly has potential, if not, has already achieved a lot of success at such a young age, and is a well-worth star to get for your team on FIFA 18.

2) Dele Alli

The English midfielder for the Tottenham Hotspurs and on the English national team is a great investment to make when it comes to choosing youngsters just starting off in his career. At the young age of 21, the Englishman is also Nigerian. A top prospect for FIFA 18m the midfielder has top dribbling skills and composure on the ball.

1) Ezequiel Barco

One of the youngest players on FIFA 18, Argentinian Ezequiel Barco is a great investment to add as the true wonder of the game. He has not only a high acceleration, but also high points in ranking on agility, sprinting, and has a high overall rating. He currently plays for Independiente but recently just got transferred to Atlanta United. We expect great things from him.

Well, there you have it. Our top ten youngsters to look out for on the new FIFA 18. You can thank us later when your small investments in these players quickly turn into a turnout of millions, even billions of dollars or FIFA coins.

Take a chance on these young wildcard stars and you will reap the benefits, not only immediately afterward but also in the future.

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