What Should FIFA 18 Career Mode Include?

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Career modes have been a foundation in sports-related games. Depending on the game, it’s either stellar or good enough but lacking. For example, NBA 2K focuses on a well-done and robust career mode. On the other hand, WWE 2K and UFC career modes start out great, but they lose momentum and become repetitive as time progresses. Unfortunately, FIFA’s previous career modes have gotten a reputation for being dull. So, how can FIFA 18 keep the wheels on the barrels lubricated? Well, FIFA fans know what they are looking for in the game.

Paid, Therefore Not Free

FIFA’s career mode, known as “The Journey,” is centered on one fictional rising star: Alex Hunter. He’s a member of Manchester United, one of the elite teams in the league. Hunter’s on this team is because the real-life Manchester United made a 100 million-pound bid for him to be a member. Greater exposure to the masses means more money. Also, since the organization paid a hefty amount of dough, it’s expected that Alex Hunter will remain on the team for a long time.

FIFA game fans, however, want something else to spice things up: they want our poster boy to be a free agent. From a gameplay and narrative perspective, it sounds fresh and dandy since it allows players to choose Alex’s team on his behalf, making his story as much as theirs.

Let’s Talk About Your Pay

Even though choosing your team is out of the question for the meantime, which is somewhat understandable, perhaps FIFA can bring back the negotiation mechanic. Players were able to “talk to” their team’s administrators so that the two of them can arrive at a salary both parties agreed on (i.e., the amount the player/avatar would receive until retirement).

It’s hard to find the reason why the negotiation mechanic was taken off the franchise in the first place since it gave players a glimpse of the business side of things and some exposure. Besides, with the current career mode, it would be fitting to have the feature back. Imagine our man, Alex Hunter, making deals with the corporate bigwigs. Sure, it’s not exciting on-field action, but it would make the game more realistic. Drama in sports amplifies the spirit of the games.

Benchwarmer Warm-up

A feature that fans desire in FIFA 18 Career Mode is the option to be on the bench. In previous FIFA versions, if you’re not playing for the entire game, then you skip the game. Why? Good question. Athletes are humans, not machines; they need a break from the grinding on the field. Adding the feature provides realism to the game. After all, in the real world, it’s not possible in a soccer match to keep your star player(s) on the field for the entire match. Besides, the bench option could be a good alternative in case you have to do something outside the game but want to keep the ball rolling.

Pressed for An Answer

If you’ve been playing FIFA, you’ve probably wanted them to have interviews. After all, there’s nothing like giving an inappropriate answer that will help shape your career for better or worse in front of the press. Surely, this isn’t the first time Electronic Arts (EA) has heard suggestions for career mode. Hopefully, EA has made or is making enhancements on FIFA 18, or if it’s a bit too late for changes, perhaps in FIFA 19. It’s not wrong to dream of a robust career mode, right? Changes are great! Make it happen, EA.

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    StrahLenforcer July 8, 2017 at 10:05 am - Reply

    Spectator mode online would be nice. Followers or people on your friend list could watch your matches just like watching the real thing on the tube.

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    iWolf July 5, 2017 at 9:06 pm - Reply

    Those ideas would add some spice to FIFA.

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