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Being able to play like the pros in FIFA 18 is an important aspect of the game that really gets you into it. However, what makes the version complete, is that after you get the ball in the back of the net, you can also celebrate like the pros. Depending on what console you’re using and which player just scored, these FIFA 18 Celebrations can be as unique as the player themselves. The controls vary depending on which player it is and how to execute the celebration is also a combination of buttons and movements that change from console to console.

This is a perfect “cheat sheet” to not only be able to relish in the defeat of your opponent but know how to taunt your friends when you’re playing head-to-head. They’ll be frustrated with you not only because you just score against them, you also know exactly how to celebrate, using these quick moves and combinations.

Our 10 Favorite FIFA 18 Celebrations

If you’re playing on Xbox One or Xbox 360, here are the certain controls that you have to do for each motion:

  • Dybala’s ‘Mask’: Hold LB, flick Right Stick up twice
  • Griezmann’s ‘Cell Phone’: Hold LT, press X
  • Hypnosis: Hold LT, press Y
  • Knee Slide Fail: Hold LT, flick Right Stick left twice
  • Lewandowski’s ‘X’: Hold LB, flick Right Stick down twice
  • Mannequin: Hold LT, hold Right Stick up
  • Piper: Hold LT, flick Right Stick up and down
  • Pogba’s ‘Dab’: Hold RB, double tap Y
  • Scorpion: Hold LT, flick Right Stick right and left
  • Stir the Pot: Hold LT, double tap Y
  • Workout: Hold LT, double tap X

For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, these combinations will definitely help you let your personality shine through your players.

  • Dybala’s ‘Mask’: Hold L1, flick Right Stick up twice
  • Griezmann’s ‘Cell Phone’: Hold L2, press Square
  • Hypnosis: Hold L2, press Triangle
  • Knee Slide Fail: Hold L2, flick Right Stick left twice
  • Lewandowski’s ‘X’: Hold L1, flick Right Stick down twice
  • Mannequin: Hold L2, hold Right Stick up
  • Piper: Hold L2, flick Right Stick up and down
  • Pogba’s ‘Dab’: Hold R1, double tap Triangle
  • Scorpion: Hold L2, flick Right Stick right and left
  • Stir the Pot: Hold L2, double tap Triangle
  • Workout: Hold L2, double tap Square

Instead of working on memorizing homework for school, you can save all that extra effort up by attempting to memorize these moves. You have to punch them in quick! Once you score, you have to immediately turn to one of these celebrations so the console can read and relay what you want exactly on screen. If you wait too long, it probably won’t read it in time and you would have lost your chance.

On previous editions, you usually just scored and then pressed whatever buttons you could get your fingers on in hopes that it transformed into something cool on the field. Now, however, although you can still get away with doing that, you can also take control over the exact type of celebration that you want to be done into your own hands, which is the perfect excuse to taunt your friends. It might be a bit of a pain to learn, but definitely worth the extra brain power to memorize the moves because we all know that celebrating is the best part. If you work so hard anyways to figure out how to beat your friends in the game, you might as well learn how to actually celebrate and enjoy it afterward.

Let’s Keep it Going

Even if you might not be so egotistical or such a show off when you’re actually on the pitch playing in real life, you can let your alter ego shine through, when you’re taking the place of Pogba or Ronaldo. There are so many variations of move available and out there that you can take your pick, from extremely insulting and dab-worthy to easy and classy celebrations that you will use over and over again.

You can also take it one step further and use some basic moves. For example, here is our list of easy go-to moves when you forget the long combinations and are just looking for some short celebrations.

There are actually plenty of secret moves as well, such as Ronaldo coming up to the camera and posing a “thinking” face. Even if your friends also have learned those basic combinations to produce a celebration after a goal, you can show them that you’ve taken your celebration learning a step further than that, by showing off these really complex combinations, producing celebrations only television worthy.

It’s about time that FIFA came up with celebrations not only that fits the specific player or team or situation for that matter, but also gave you the specific instructions on giving yourself an identity and style when you’re in the game. We all know, soccer is about style, so it’s great to see that you can be able to choose something that fits and can celebrate who you are as a player, as a gamer, and as a person. The great thing is, that from the different consoles, although they do have different buttons and combinations, they’re not so different from each other.

It’s a Wrap

We hope that this guide has helped you and provided you with all the information you need to be able to dish out the combinations to come up with a celebration worthy of your amazing goals. Not only will this help you express yourself and enjoy your time playing FIFA 18, it will also help set yourself apart from the rest while celebrating. Enjoy!

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