Batching Up FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles

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In the transfer market, you need to be as knowledgeable as you can. Every in and out on ways to improve your team and your players can help you in some way. With this time around as you hone in on your skills and invest in your team, you might not want to skip out on FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles.

These styles have statistic-modifying additions that can actually improve certain attributes from your players by 15 points each, which is a large difference than the usual five that is spread evenly throughout your team in basic chemistry style.

Instead of just fumbling your way to find the perfect chemistry style for each position, we’ve set up a guide for you to follow that make your team more effective and each player more useful.

The Lowdown

Your first question might honestly just ask the simple: how does it work? Once you increase player attributes for specific members of your team, such as speed or shooting skills, you can then begin to choose and effectively improve your style collectively.

Below each player’s picture, there is a certain measurement that you might not have noticed — Individual Chemistry. Once that bar has hit five out of ten, you can begin to work on your overall team chemistry.

The “issue” with the game, however, is specifying which type of attributes you need for each player. For example, there is an overall confusion of which is better for your striker — finisher style or long shots.

Getting Into It

You might also be wondering, why you would need any of this extra work. Well, actually there is a penalty that will be imposed on ALL of your players’ attributes for having a low Individual Player Chemistry Rating. If you don’t work on it at all, a player with zero points of chemistry can actually be reduced in every attribute by 25 points.

There are various chemistry styles, from Sniper to Glove. With this list moving forward, we hope that it can help you find the best match for not only your team but individual players.

First, here is a set of charts when wanting to choose the best chemistry styles. The title of each chart dictates the chemistry style, and each bar is a specific attribute looking to be improved by this style.


The number of points in the chart on the left side is the maximum amount of points that the skill can be improved by.


When focusing on your midfielders and hybrid styles, here are your best chemistry styles for your midfielders.


When working on improving the chemistry styles of your defenders, you will need to focus on more defensive attributes like tackles, heading and marking. Here are your best chemistry styles for your defenders.


Last but not least, even your goalkeepers can be worked on when it comes to chemistry style, they are a little different, focusing on certain attributes rather than points. Here is the set of charts to help guide you when planning out how to best style your goalkeepers.

With this guide, we hope that you can have a better idea when it comes to choosing and improving your chemistry styles for FIFA 2018.

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