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FIFA 18 Squad Battles
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These FIFA 18 Squad Battles in the newest game mode allows you to play in a single player mode offline and actually add to your coins and rewards, even though you’re not online.

This game mode is offered when you’re offline, yet you can still play against a squad of community members. This allows you to play as many games as you want offline and rack up the points.

The great thing about participating in Squad Battles is that just like normal matches where you earn FIFA Coins but can also help your ranking. When your ranking is high at the end of the week, you can earn a bigger reward.

Those points can get higher and higher the harder the level of difficulty each game is, but even though that’ll easily make you want to just play hard or go home, but you also can rack up points simply by certain aspects of the game. For instance, goals and an overall result can get you points, which will be multiplied, the harder it is.

Interestingly enough, the ranking of Battle Squads is not just based on your personal performance, but also how everyone did that week, as well.

Three Steps Defining Battle Squads

1. Single Player Competition

On a weekly basis, you can compete against different Squads from all over the world. While playing offline, you can compete in as many games as you want in Single Player Mode. The more games you play, and if you do well in them, you can climb the leaderboard and earn rewards for your ranking.

2. You vs. Squads Created by the Community

Once you’re in a community, you can play against other squads made by individual players in your community. Every single day there is someone different to play against. The more difficult these squads are the better the reward will be. However, sometimes it’s better to play against someone who isn’t as difficult, but secure the points you need to move up the ranking.

3. Move Up the Rankings

As you play and earn rewarding points, even weekly, you can climb the ranks of the dynamic leaderboard. Although sometimes, it doesn’t just depend on your score, but also the score of others to determine your place in the ranking. Rankings are actually determined by the complete average score between all competitors.

Difference Between Squad Battles and FUT Champions

Squad Battles allows you to be able to play offline. FUT Champions is only offered online, which really limits the times that you can play. Being able to play offline also allows you to play ultimately anywhere and everywhere. Playing Squad Battles, since done offline and individually, releases a lot of the pressure that comes with playing on a team. This can also help you see how good you are individually in your skills on FIFA.

Squad Battle games are more spread out. Instead of FUT Champions, where you can only play on the weekend in 72 hours, but Squad Battles allows you to play all week long, gaining points as you go. If you truly are dedicated to FIFA 18, or FIFA in general, this can help free up your weekend to do other things because you’re not rushing to get all your games in in just a few days, rather than all five.

Opposed to FUT Champions, you don’t have to qualify to play in Squad Battles. Although FUT Champions is popular, there are a lot of people out there who have never gotten to compete in them because they never qualified. Squad Battles is more inviting and inclusive, giving everyone a chance to play and compete for the best rankings. The only things you need to do to be able to play in Squad Battles is to enter and then compete.

Although the prizes of Squad Battles aren’t as rewarding, luxurious, or large in size, the great thing about Squad Battles is that they offer rewards that again, EVERYONE can have a chance to get. They also offer these prizes every single week, which makes it so much more possible to obtain. It can be seen as one of the best Single Player Modes out there that offer the best rewards. Not only better but more often.

Unfortunately, even though Squad Battles has rewards every single week, there are no general, monthly rewards like there is in FUT Champions. That is a really big difference between the two game modes. In FUT Champions, there are special, untradeable cards that you can win when you‘re in the game mode. Unfortunately, in Squad Battles, you don’t have that.

The Squad Battles Menu 

Opponent Select

Use this section to set the level of difficulty and to choose your opponent. From here, you can see your potential opponent’s team, tactical technique, and formation. Also, if you have a history against the opponent, it will also show.

Your Rank

Your ranking is to see how you’re stacked up against everyone else and to see what kind of rewards you can receive. There are several tiers in the full ranking, from Bronze 3 to Elite 1.

Top 100

Here you can see the different positions of the players out there and how they rank up against each other.

From there, you can play against other squads from the FUT community and four new teams will be added every single day. You can also play against Featured Squads, where you can challenge all different squads of different levels of players.

Battle Points

These points are rewarded, as mentioned previously, by levels of difficulty. There is a bonus for difficulty, for completing the match, based on the match result, a bonus for skill, and for goals.

We hope that with this guide, you can navigate and enter in the Squad Battles Mode in FIFA 18. With this mode, you can play offline, earn coins and move up the rankings that change every single week.

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