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The Top FIFA 18 Tips for Pre-game and In-game

FIFA 18 Tips
By | August 26th, 2018 | Categories: FIFA

Whether you’re playing with friends or just on your own against international opponents, there are a few tips that can help you on your way to FIFA victory. There are a few things you can do even before the game begins to help you score more and play harder. If you haven’t pre-planned in the first place, there is always something you can tap into during the game itself, with some in-game tips. Our FIFA 18 Tips are here to help you!

Of course, you can be successful in the game without these tips, however, if you are looking to up your game or want to really give your best shot at those international online tournaments, these FIFA 18 Tips can help you on your way. We have our top 12 tips here to help you win and improve.

What are some FIFA 18 Tips for pre-game?

You can do some things before the whistle even blows for the beginning of the game. This pre-game preparation doesn’t just include finger stretches and hand warm-ups! This means tapping into the game’s extra features to help you not only get the most out of your team and players but also have a successful run in FIFA 18.

Here are a few tips that you can use to help you before the game even begins:

6 Good Ones

(1) Utilize your catalog—even when you don’t think you need it. Many users will overlook this part of the game preparation. However, you can grant yourself some online seasons wins to help improve your record. On the catalog, you can also look up and learn aggravating celebrations to celebrate those goals and small victories. You can also look into buying Ultimate Team coin boosts, which will help you on your way.

(2) Loosen your nets. You read that right. FIFA has actually gone and tightened the net settings, with a stiff response when you score a goal. Strangely enough, it takes away that satisfying moment of scoring, without the “swish” of the net when you bomb one in the back of it. Before you begin your game, head over to the game settings control, select the “visual tab” and then change the net tension up to “Loose”. In the new edition, there are a ton of minor details that were changed, some you might notice, and others you won’t until it’s too late.

(3) Check out the Pro Clubs Skill Tree. Before you head out on the field, check this feature out to raise your pro’s stats. This skill tree requires a bit of wisdom with your choices but can help you boost your points in the Physical and Dribbling categories. Both skills are essential during the game, so every boosted up point can help you. You’ll improve your speed, close dribbling control, and actually be granted more access to skills you didn’t have access to before.

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(4) Pick a keeper with a high height attribute. If you are planning out your team, you should definitely choose a keeper that is as tall as it gets. Not only does this help in real-life soccer, it has a special sort of advantage in the game. The bigger the player is, the better he or she will be. In FIFA 2018, the goalkeeper’s height will help them reach to shots or crosses that should actually go in—helping you make incredible saves. So if you’re choosing a keeper for your Career Mode or FUT squad, aim for those extremely tall.

(5) Before you begin, start FUT as a single-player only. Even though you may think you got what it takes to dominate in FUT, you should start off safe for the first few games—let’s put a number on it and say ten. Being patient and taking the time to build your team up and make it better by using Squad Battles, FUT tasks and Squad Building Challenges you can definitely boost your team levels and get the most out of your team. When you finally make your online debut, you’ll be kicking butt and taking names. Try to avoid buying gold packs on Ultimate Team because there are so many gold cards circulating the market. If you’re looking for a profit, go for the silver and bronze packs. Every Friday night, the Marquee Matchups area of Squad Building Challenges will be where you can make your big trades and ear your profit.

(6) Invest in youth development. You’ll only get so far in making transfers and trades from adult player to adult player. There’s a certain solidity and permanence when taking on a seasoned veteran. They usually won’t get much better—especially stats wise, they’ll just be a solid choice for an addition to your team. However, there is a huge pool of players to choose from when looking R the Youth Academy. If you’re looking to invest long term, go for the new blood rookies. They’ll not only be extremely beneficial in a few seasons on your squad, they’ll also be highly profitable in a few years since you bought them cheap, to begin with. Begin by recruiting a Youth Scout and be on the lookout for “Technically Gifted Players”. Once you find a player suitable with promise, keep them in the academy. At one point, they’ll want to leave—that’s the optimal time to offer the long-term contract.

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How about some in-game tips?

Okay, you’re in it now. You’ve done everything possible to prepare yourself and your team to have the ultimate game and the best season. However, sometimes, you just need a little push while you’re playing. This means that you might need some in-game tips that can really push you over the edge and into the inning circle—podium..whatever. Here are some in-game tips that you can use on the fly that can really help improve your game.

5 Good Ones

(1) For more goals, switch Handballs back on. Another change that FIFA 2018 has seen is their automatic off-switch of Handballs. If you head to the settings menu, you can easily turn it back on, since its removal back in FIFA 11 after users had complained that the system couldn’t tell which handballs were deliberate and which were accidental. If you can turn this back on, then you can increase goal-scoring opportunities. The steps to follow here to turn them on are: go to Customize, then Settings, then Games Settings, then Rules. Scroll down to the fourth option, which should be “Handball”. If you find yourself in the box with this option on, you might run into a chance for a penalty.

(2) Play some chipped balls through. Adding chipped through balls in your game is a great way to get your player 1v1 against the goalkeeper. In the new updated version, FIFA game makers have really emphasized the success in a through ball, with a boost. The trajectory of passes can reach much further and higher so you can actually control and position your attackers accordingly. The defenders of the opposing team will have no chance!

(3) Check out the standing tackling feature. On FIFA 2018, you don’t have to always choose the slide-tackling option as the most effective. You can easily select the standing-tackling feature, which is hard-hitting and successful. Even though the actual animation is a bit weird, you’ll still get great results.

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(4) The FIFA trainer can be a useful feature. While you’re playing, you can see exactly where your passes should and will go. You can even turn this in on during instant replays to see where you went wrong! The tutorial is not just for newbies. The dotted line overlays can help you better control your game and help out with pass control.

(5) Take advantage of notouch dribbling. With the new updated version, you can swerve and spin much easier while still maintaining control of the ball. The feature is extremely realistic, with the possibility of shoulder drops and a quick sprint to really get a realistic feel in the game.


FIFA 2018 has so many updates and new features in the game. With all these tips, we hope that they can help you improve your game and tap into the new additions to really help you find success—whether you are playing your friends, challenging yourself or playing online.

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