The Real Opinion: Is FIFA 18 Top 100 Better for Players or Player Ratings?

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When you’re looking to any type of sports game or competition, the players and participants are so competitive that any way they can be measured up against the competition is a win for them—and one more way to be better.

Even when it comes to FIFA, a video game for soccer fanatics, having the top-ranked list is great for competition. Not only among those who play the video game but also for those who are a part of it.

In FIFA 18, since it is based off on an actual game with real-life players, things can get a little messy. The players who play the game on their consoles, mobile devices, and Xbox devices are ranked from the best player to the worst in rankings like the top 100 or the best players of the week.

However, the players that are designed and created into the game are also ranked from best to worst. With every rating and ranking comes various points of specific attributes and features that can dictate whether a player is good or not and can put them head-to-head, so to speak on other players of their caliber.

Simply by looking at a glance, you can rate not only yourself among other players but also the players you’re playing the game—the superstars, themselves. Now is the FIFA 18 Top 100 list better for the players or player ratings?


Although it brings a lot of popularity and hype around the player in real life, from which they do get attention and compensation, it also helps the players playing the video game (player ratings) because especially for those who are not familiar with recent players can instantly know who they should be having on their team.

With just a simple glance, a player can see the ratings and rankings of the soccer players on the game and be able to make their decisions of purchases, trades, and pickups, deciding who to play and who to keep out of their team when it matters the most.

Rankings can be based on league, on clubs or on teams, themselves. This stacks players up against one another when you’re deciding who to bench and who to put up against when you need that extra power or reinforcer on the field.

If you are looking into squad building, these rankings definitely will help you achieve that dream team and get you to understand the concepts and important aspects of what each of your players can do, which will help you pair them off with one another and create the ultimate team.

From wonder kids to old-time, experienced veterans, having good players is just as important to learning how to put them together on the field.

Therefore, although it creates a hype around that player and helps develop his or her credibility in the real world (and their bank account, perhaps), it ultimately helps the video game player on deciding which players are best for their squad and how to best sort their team out to make the most out of their FIFA 18 playing.

Top 10

Just to get a sneak peek of what you’re working with here on FIFA 18, here’s a list of the top 10 ranked players in the game and in real life:

Rank Player Club Position Rating
1 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid LW 94
2 Lionel Messi FC Barcelona RW 93
3 Neymar Paris Saint-Germain LW 92
4 Luis Suarez FC Barcelona ST 92
5 Manuel Neuer Bayern Munich GK 92
6 Robert Lewandowski Bayern Munich ST 91
7 Sergio Ramos Real Madrid CB 90
8 Eden Hazard Chelsea LW 90
9 Toni Kroos Real Madrid CM 90
10 Gonzalo Higuain Juventus ST 90

As you can see here these top 10 players are names that are known worldwide and are recognized throughout the world as real players. However, on FIFA 18 they are specifically sought out as the top 10 ranked players in the game. Therefore, if you are playing FIFA 18 and have the opportunity to be able to purchase, trade or play with these players, they are probably in your best interest to snatch out.

When looking at each of them with more detail you can see that each of them have certain and specific abilities and characteristics that can help you when constructing your team and be pairing them with other players that are available. When it comes to delivering the best team on the field, the more information that you can get on each player and how well they’ll work together, the better chance you have on achieving success when it comes to formulating a great team on FIFA 18.

These players are already placed on the world stage. However, with the number of players out there and fans out there playing FIFA 18, it is highly helpful in boosting not only their recognition but fanbase which will probably have a direct effect on their salary and world-class ranking, whether it’s on the game or not through it at all.


Although there are plenty of statistics, like goals scored or assists made, a lot of these rankings are simply based on judgmental calls. After all, soccer is a sport of statistics but also of creativity, of passion, of toughness. Therefore, ultimately, even though there are rankings simply based on statistics, if a player is ranked based on likability and if some people out there think that they’re a good player, their value may grow, which, of course, they will definitely benefit from in the long and short run.

When purchasing and playing FIFA 18, it is important to know that you are playing with real players and it is not just simply a game: it’s a lifestyle. Knowing who to play with and how to play with them is one of the most important aspects of conquering and being the best at FIFA 18.

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