FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: Chemistry, Coins, and the Complete Guide to FUT

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team
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Although FIFA 18 is a game that stands out due to its realistic graphics and soccer gameplay, there’s a very good case for naming FIFA 18 Ultimate Team as the game’s most popular mode. And why not? This is arguably a more casual take on the average soccer/association management game, but just because it’s more casual doesn’t mean that it’s easier to pick up and figure out. There is a lot of depth to FUT, and many things that you need to learn before becoming an expert at things. Even though we can’t promise that we’re going to turn you into an expert overnight, we can at least try our best to do so, and give you a complete guide to FIFA Ultimate Team, including some in-depth explanations of the chemistry and coins aspect of the mode.

Basics of the FUT Game Mode

Before we move on any further, it might be a good idea to talk you through the fundamentals of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team — what is FUT, and how does it differ from your traditional sports game modes? For starters, FUT has lots of mechanics, which you can find in collectible card games or card battlers — with titles of this nature more popular than ever, the folks at EA Sports introduced FUT in 2009, and it’s been on a roll since then.

Basically, what you’re trying to do here is to collect the right cards so that you can come up with, well, the ultimate team. Each of the player cards that you’ll be collecting have their stats and attributes, which makes them a realistic enough duplicate of how those players perform in an actual soccer field. Of course, you can’t expect to pay much or earn much respectively if you’re buying scrubs. In fact, these “common” players don’t have much value in the transfer market, because, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Conversely, you can expect to pay a premium amount of in-game currency if you want a top-flight player card, or to earn big-time if you sell such a card.

Aside from player cards, the game will also allow you to buy manager cards, stadium cards, and consumables, meaning fitness cards or healing cards that you might need to help your players get back up to speed after a long, intense game. Players can also require contract extension cards to keep them on your team, and may also be trained to become better via training cards. These consumable cards can be earned by completing achievements, or simply by buying them in the marketplace.

What’s the Deal with Chemistry?

If you’re new to FIFA 18 or Ultimate Team, specifically, you’ve probably heard the word “chemistry” thrown around quite a bit. You probably know what it means in the context of a real-life sports team, but what does it mean in the context of FUT?

Although it’s important in the grand scheme of things to have a team with strong players, you also have to keep chemistry in mind. Your team’s chemistry will improve if your squad is composed of players from the same real-life club, or if they’re from the same league or hail from the same country. It’s pretty simple if you come to think of it, though if you’re looking to build chemistry to the fullest, you might need to do some research, assuming you’re more of a casual soccer fan.

Once your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad’s chemistry improves, you will see improvements in certain facets of the game. For example, you might see your players score more goals or be more accurate with their passes than usual. It’s just natural to expect this — if a team’s players gel with each other, they should play better together.

Earning More Coins Quickly In FUT

When it comes to the players you can add to your squad in FUT, they can be found in three different types of card packs — Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Of course, you can find the best of the best inside the gold packs, while you may end up with common, generally useless players in the bronze packs. But if you really want to earn coins quickly when playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, it’s not a good idea to buy the gold packs, as they won’t fetch much of a resale value when you sell them on the transfer market. There are other ways to earn gold packs, including the Squad Building Challenges. Once you’re experienced enough in playing the game, you should have no problem buying certain players that can normally be found in the gold packs, without having to buy the actual packs.

Placing players on the market isn’t something that is done willy-nilly. You need to consider the leagues where the players hail. If they play in the English Premier League, Bundesliga (Germany), La Liga (Spain), or Ligue 1 (France), you want to place them on the transfer market, on account of their popularity and name recall. Players from the lesser-known leagues can be kept on your team. Since you’ve also got cards that don’t pertain to any player, such as Squad or Player Fitness cards, or Injury Healing cards, you can place them on sale and perhaps get a solid amount of coins.

As an aside, EA Sports collects a modest amount of in-game currency for each sale you make in FIFA 18. This is the EA Tax, so if you’re selling a Squad Fitness card for 1,400 (the minimum Buy Now price), you’ll earn a profit of 930 coins instead of the 1,000-coin profit you’d earn from a 400-coin pack without taxes figured in.

Second In-Form and Team of the Week

At some point, you will get a chance to receive special, limited-time cards, and the SIF, or Second In-Form card, in particular, will become available if one of your players has a great run over the past few days. For example, let’s take a player like Cristiano Ronaldo — if he’s on fire and scoring goals in the real world, his standard card’s rating could, in theory, get a small boost through the “In-Form” card in the Team of the Week. Second In-Form would refer to his second straight game where he’s been playing great — that would normally result in a two-point boost for a two-game run of solid performance. It’s even possible for players to get In Form increases in the double digits, which means you might actually get something out of an ostensible scrub who happens to be on a hot streak! Teams of the Week are released every Wednesday, so feel free to mark the midweek on your calendar so that you know when to check the latest updates on that front.

We strongly advise FIFA 18 Ultimate Team players to use the Team of the Week as a basis for new players to chase in the transfer market. For example, let’s take a look at TOTW for Week 6 (the most recent TOTW as of this writing) — if you don’t have Bas Dost (Netherlands) or Michy Batsuhuayi (Belgium) in your lineup as strikers, you could consider them the next time you go shopping in the transfer market. But going back to what we had told you in the Chemistry section, it would still be best if you’ve got another Dutch or Belgian player, or someone who plays in the same league or same team as the aforementioned players.

Take Part in Squad Building Challenges

We already covered SBCs, or Squad Building Challenges, in another one of our FIFA 18 guides, but since we’re trying to cover as much ground with regard to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, we’re going to mention them again and stress why they’re so important for anyone who wants to succeed in FUT.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s advisable to stash players once you open card packs that aren’t gold, as these players may one day sell for a higher price than the amount of coins you pay for them. Prices can go up if they’re required for the conditions of the SBCs, which would mean submitting sets of cards based on a certain theme. An SBC may ask you to submit players from one league alone, and/or of one nationality or rating range alone. The nature of the challenges may vary, but one thing remains constant — they’re a great way to add to your coin balance, and an even better way to make the most out of players whom you wouldn’t need on your Ultimate Team.

One constant SBC in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is Marquee Matchups, which takes place on the weekend and focuses on hot rivalries highlighted in the weekend fixtures. Let’s use a very well-known example — suppose El Clasico (Real Madrid vs. Barcelona) is taking place on a given weekend. That could mean the SBC will require you to submit only La Liga players, or in some cases, only Spanish players. At any rate, a good number of the Marquee Matchups would include teams that have a few gold-rarity players, and with that in mind, their value should appreciate greatly for the duration of the SBC. If you’re lucky enough to have such players in your squad, you could theoretically make a killing in the transfer market by selling them on Friday night.

Buy & Sell TOTW Players

Moving back to Team of the Week, the best time to start buying players who make Team of the Week would be when you’ve earned a good stockpile of coins by playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, say, about 50,000 to 70,000 coins at the very least. TOTW players don’t come cheap — the minimum Buy it Now price for these players is a whopping 9,300 coins. But you can sell them for a profit if you place them back on the transfer market and set the minimum Buy it Now price to 12,000. Assuming someone buys, we’re talking guaranteed profit here, and those profits could easily increase big-time if the players are not available via the pack route. Bigger investments mean bigger profits in such a case!

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