Kicking It Off: FIFA 18 World Cup Mode

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Getting hyped for the World Cup? It’s less than 10 days away! To coincide with the kick-off, FIFA 18 has made FIFA 18 World Cup Mode available — bringing the world’s largest soccer tournament to your computer or video game console.

Available on Xbox One, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and your PC, you can download the game the for free if you already have FIFA 18. It has been available since May 29th, with the expansion option, rather than simply creating an individual game for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

The correlation between FIFA World Cup 2018 and FIFA 18 isn’t a new one. In the past, EA Sports has hopped on board, creating and releasing separate games for each of the World Cups, to hype up the tournament and to get more on board with playing. The WC Qualifiers have also made their appearances—from as early as the World Cup 98, with their installation of FIFA: Road to World Cup 98.

What is FIFA 18 World Cup Mode?

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia had been released on May 29th, welcomed by the joy of players and users all around the world who could now take the role of players playing in the world-recognized tournament. The expansion was programmed to allow players to be able to play and represent any of the 32 qualified countries who are signed up and signed in to appear at the 2018 World Cup. The players would go through the entire spectrum of the tournament, playing in place of internationally-recognized and known, high-class players.

This update and expansion went hand in hand with the promotion of the “Team of the Season”, which was labeled under the FIFA Ultimate Team. Through the promotion of the game, there were upgraded and designed squads that were released for players to choose from, representing most major leagues across the world and also a list of the top 50 players worldwide.

How Does It Work?

For users tapped into the FIFA World Cup 2018 expansion, they now have access to all the updated and brand new World Cup modes. They can play through these modes whether online or offline, which definitely increases its appeal. The modes also come at no extra cost for players who are already logged in for the FIFA 2018 version. Users also have complete and total, unrestricted access to the FIFA Ultimate Team, which is available in the normal and standard modes as well, free of charge.

What’s It Look Like

For everything World Cup-related, FIFA outdid themselves this year, bringing in all the stops. They didn’t let one detail slip away from them when designing the game. EA assures players that it will be a true, World Cup experience, down to the official winner’s trophy, engraved with the winning team’s name.

Every detail in the game screams out World Cup 2018, done by enhancing and inputting official elements throughout the scenery — authentic stadiums, players, teams, choices of their realistic uniforms, referee badges, and using the official match ball, just to name a few. Playing the FIFA World Cup Mode will give you the complete insider account of what it feels like to experience playing in a World Cup — online (and offline)!


When you are into the FIFA World Cup Mode, you are able to sign in online and have access to play in online friendlies and online tournaments, competing against other players around the world—just like the real World Cup. You can play with friends (no matter where they are in the world) or meet others and compete against one another and share the love of the game. All of it to lead up to the official World Cup kick-off on June 14th.

You can also tap into the Custom Tournament Mode to be able to represent any country to be able to compete through the entire World Cup Tournament.

Interestingly enough, you can also select the FIFA Ultimate Team, which has a revised chemistry system to be able to reach your full potential playing, FIFA World Cup Icons to really get the full experience with this new chemistry system which is derived from country confederations and special upgradeable players, and dynamic player items strictly adhering to the actual World Cup this year. You can even play in all 12 stadiums that are actually being used in Russia this year at the world tournament.

On whichever stadium you choose, you’ll get the full experience — sights and sounds specifically rendered to make the experience as authentic as possible. With advertisements all around the field, team uniforms, national team banners among the fans, and high-resolution crowds to make it seem like you really are playing in the World Cup.

Ultimately, the program FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team gives you the opportunity to pick and choose your favorite players for your “dream team” and then compete against other teams.

For another incentive to play this new mode, with every Standard or Premium pack that you buy while playing the FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team, you can actually receive a pack of the same value and use it in FUT 18.

Downloading the World Cup Mode

Easily enough, getting the FIFA 18 World Cup update is extremely simple. If you are playing using Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, you can easily download the update. Unfortunately, the mode is not available at the moment on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version.

You can 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia as a patch for the existing game. You’ll see the possible download when you start up your game on your console and it should automatically come.

With such easy access to this new World Cup Mode, there’s no real reason you shouldn’t be tapping in to play and enjoy the new features and designs. The game mode gives you the perfect opportunity to be even more a part of this year’s World Cup!

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