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The FIFA 19 Career Mode to Stay Ahead of the Game

FIFA 19 Career Mode
By | July 22nd, 2018 | Categories: FIFA

With every year, comes a new FIFA. This year, of course, isn’t any different. FIFA 19 is stepping up their game and bringing out all the stops to make this edition the best and most realistic of them all.

From the various updated modes to new features, game makers don’t fail to impress when it comes to trying to wow their loyal players.

Especially since the last edition was such a great one, it’ll be hard to top it. However, FIFA has definitely found a way. With so many different upgrades available, you can easily find something to impress you and your new buddies while you’re playing. Now that the release of FIFA 19 is right around the corner, let’s take a look at some of the details that the new upgraded features of FIFA 19 Career Mode.

What’s the FIFA 19 Career Mode all about?

In the game, you can either play career mode as a coach or as a young player. The options allow for this type of freedom so that you can easily choose between the various modes—allowing you to play as you want and do so more times than one! Whether you are playing through once and finished and want to start over, you can easily switch from retired player to manager when you’re finished with one type of mode. This addition to the game allows you to take an interactive immersion into the FIFA experience.

How about the various roles?

When you’re playing in career mode, you can either choose to be a player, a coach or a manager.

  • As a player, you can choose the club you want to play in, adjusting the various settings that come along with it—the level of difficulty and the finances. You can start micro-managing your own career. From pre-season tournaments to the degree of difficulty, you can really play and manage based on money, salary, and organizing and inviting scouts to watch you play. Explain your reasoning and incorporate whatever content is useful to the reader.
  • As a coach, you can manage the team on the pitch, controlling them as they play. If you happen to choose to be a player, you can also retire and then continue on in Career Mode as a manager. This career mode involves various interactive transfer negotiations, cinematic news clips which make it seem like real life, custom training presets, and deep, interactive settings to really throw you into the story.
  • As a manager, you can take the quality of your squad and organize them with tactics and various formations to suit them best. Preparing for the season ahead, you can clean up and set up your starting 11 and active 22 players. Through managing, you can sell, lend, and trade players. You can also use scouts in this process by finding players for you that you may need to complete your team.

What’s with the improvements?

Although Career Mode has been around for a while, let’s see what FIFA 19 Career Mode has for us. There are various improvements to the different features in the game:

  • Instructions: Especially when you’re making the transition from defense to offense, you can give extremely specific instructions to your fullbacks, dictating specific runs and choosing between overlapping or underlapping. This sort of precision really makes you feel like you’re playing and in control of the whole pitch and not just some players.
  • Marking: Instead of just constantly switching players and hoping you land on the right one on time, FIFA 19 has a second marker that will appear above the player if you make the switch using the back controls.
  • Mini-map: You can actually locate your enemy in this new edition of the game. The mini-map will be marked with triangles instead of circles so you can easily differentiate between the various players on the small image.
  • Specifying Tactics: If you’re playing as a manager or as a player, you can add game plans while you’re playing. Alternate tactics are now available, along with team settings that can be made before the match—just in case you have to be ready to be down 1-0. You can also adjust these already, pre-determined settings if you’re up and you want to maintain your lead. You don’t have to go through multiple settings to get to the tactics either—easily switch to the d-pad and you can respond right on the field while you’re playing.
  • More Defense Options: Now, you can choose how you get the ball back right after you lose it. This can also be adjusted in settings to adhere to the specific game situation. You can choose if you want to opt for:
    • Pressure after possession loss
    • Constant pressure
    • Drop back
    • Balanced
    • Pressure on a heavy touch
  • Take the perfect shot: You can also practice getting your timing just right when shooting with a new feature called “Timed Finishing”. Of course, if you are a “just-for-fun” player, you can easily shoot the normal way, like before, but you can also adjust your settings so that an easy shot can become a deadly weapon.
  • More Natural Movements: Not only has passing in general seen some upgrades, you will also notice a more natural feeling in passing and in through balls. You can also notice that with the “touch, touch, pass” mode, this new active touch system makes the game much, much more realistic than previous modes.


There are so many new features in the upcoming FIFA 19. Career Mode is just one of the additions of the game that is getting a bit of a makeover. There is so much to look forward to and so many new features to marvel over while you’re playing.

FIFA 19 will have all the modes from the previous edition and then some!

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