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If you play FIFA 19 or any other football game online, you already know that having the best players go a long way to win a football match. However, when all it’s all said and done, your players are usually only as good as their attributes. But—there is a changing light that can be even more important: your team needs to have good FIFA 19 Chemistry Styles.

When talking about the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team (FUT 19), what do we mean by chemistry? Chemistry is simply the term used to define how good your team members function together. If you have good players who don’t work together, you’ll still find it difficult to win games, especially when playing against a competitive opponent.

What are the 2 types of Chemistry?

  • Individual Chemistry: This is the chemistry of an individual player measured from 1 to 10. When adding a player to your FUT 19, you’ll see whether this player will add (+) or subtract (-) from your team chemistry.
  • Team Chemistry: You can see the overall team chemistry which ranges from 1 to 100. There are many factors that affect team chemistry and you should target overall team chemistry of over 80. First, you need to have players in their best positions. Other factors that affect team chemistry are players’ nationality, club, league, and how often they play in your team.

The function of Chemistry Styles is to improve your players’ individual chemistry by increasing their attributes. Generally, you can separate your players into 4 categories based on the positions they play.

4 Categories

  1. Goalkeeper
  2. Defender
  3. Midfielder
  4. Forward/Attacker

Whatever position a player plays, there are Chemistry Styles that improve their attributes and we will go into those Chemistry styles shortly.

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Which attributes can improve the Goalkeeper?

Your goalkeeper is your last line of defense and a great one could be the difference between winning and losing a game. The Chemistry styles available for your goalkeeper are:

  • Wall: This is a style that helps your goalkeeper improve his ball playing abilities and being able to start counters. It provides a 2-point boost to handling, kicking, and diving.
  • Shield: This chemistry style gives an additional 2 points to kicking, speed, and reflex.
  • Cat: The term itself could mean a fast reflex. Normally, it helps your goalkeeper control their 18-yard box better. It gives 2 additional points to speed, positioning, and diving.
  • Glove: The glove signifies the ball-handling goalkeeper. This chemistry style provides 2 additional points to handling, positioning, and dive. These will help your keeper do his job better.

Which ways can you improve the Defender?

While trying to score a goal during a game, you have to ensure you avoid conceding from your opponents. Improving your defenders will help to keep your opponent’s attackers at bay. The Chemistry styles available for defenders are:

  • Sentinel: This chemistry style helps your defenders improve their tackling ability, aggression, heading, marking, interceptions, and other attributes. It provides a 3-point boost to physical and defensive abilities of your defender.
  • Guardian: This is a chemistry style for full-backs as it helps them to attack while still doing their defensive duties. It gives a 3-point boost to dribbling and defense.
  • Gladiator: Some defenders while known for their defensive duties also get on the score sheet regularly. This chemistry style will help your defenders achieve just that. It provides a 3-point boost to shots and defense.
  • Backbone: You can use this to give your defenders better capabilities if you like to play narrow formations. It gives 2 additional points to pass, defense, and physical capability.
  • Anchor: Being an anchor means being strong and agile. This chemistry style provides a 2-point boost to pace, defense, and physicality.

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How can I increase my Midfielder’s Chemistry?

Your midfielders help you to transition easily between defense and attack. They protect your defenders and help your attackers. Chemistry styles available for your midfielders are:

  • Artist: This helps your midfielders improve their attacking traits to create more chances for strikers. It gives a 3-point increase to passing and dribbling.
  • Architect: You can improve your midfielders’ crossing, long passing, and other traits that contribute to a better attack. It gives an additional 3 points to your player’s passing and physicality.
  • Powerhouse: As the name suggests, it helps to improve the capabilities of your defensive midfielders. Your player gets a 3-point increase in passing and defense.
  • Maestro: If you play a passing game and build up from the midfield, this chemistry style would be beneficial to your midfielders. It provides a 2-point boost to shots, passing, and dribbling.
  • Engine: This is beneficial for central midfielders and central attacking midfielders as they take on a lot of work on their pitch. It gives 2 additional points to pace, passing and dribbling.

How do I boost my Attacker’s Chemistry?

Attackers help to ensure that you score goals and win a game of football. Use these Chemistry styles to improve your strikers, right-wingers, and left-wingers are:

  • Sniper: It improves the ball skills of your forward. It gives 3 additional points to shooting and dribbling.
  • Finisher: From its name, this chemistry style helps a player to improve their goal-scoring abilities. It adds 3 points to your player’s shooting and physicality.
  • Deadeye: You can improve a player’s positioning and finishing with this chemistry style. It gives 3 extra points to shooting and passing.
  • Marksman: This can be used for fast attackers to improve their finishing. It gives a 2-point increase to shooting, dribbling, and physicality.
  • Hawk: This is a popular chemistry style that helps you to improve the important attributes of a striker like shot power and positioning. It provides 2 additional points to pace, shooting, and physicality.

How about Chemistry Styles for all players?

There are some chemistry styles that are applicable to all players in your team no matter their position. These are:

  • Hunter: It helps to improve the attacking capabilities of a player like pace and shooting. It provides a 3-point boost to pace and shooting.
  • Catalyst: This helps to improve your creative players. It gives a 3-point increase to your player’s pace and passing.
  • Shadow: This is a chemistry style that can improve the defensive abilities of a player. It adds 3 points to a player’s pace and defense.

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How do I purchase Chemistry Styles?

To have a chance of using Chemistry style cards, you’ll have to either get gold card pack, earn the cards as rewards, or buy them through the Transfer market. The prices for Chemistry styles vary and are as follows:

  • Deadeye – 300 coins
  • Hawk – 1000 coins
  • Finisher – 200 coins
  • Artist – 200 coins
  • Sniper – 250 coins
  • Marksman – 200 coins
  • Engine – 400 coins
  • Powerhouse – 200 coins
  • Sentinel – 500 coins
  • Maestro – 200 coins
  • Architect – 200 coins
  • Backbone – 300 coins
  • Hunter – 3400 coins
  • Gladiator – 200 coins
  • Anchor – 1200 coins
  • Guardian – 200 coins
  • Glove – 400 coins
  • Wall – 200 coins
  • Cat – 300 coins
  • Shield – 200 coins
  • Shadow – 3100 coins
  • Catalyst – 850 coins

Take Away

The FIFA 19 Chemistry Styles you apply to your players will ultimately depend on the area of your team you want to strengthen. But one fact is that you’ll always have players to improve on your team. No team nor player is perfect. You can look at the attributes of players that are poor and select the Chemistry style that reduces or eliminate these weaknesses.

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