All You Need to Know About FIFA 20

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The news about the start of FIFA 20 has been flooding—fast and thick—like the rush on the field after a championship win.

In this article, you will find all the information you need to know about this new edition, including the features, new, top-rated players who will be upgraded, and what pro-FIFA players would like to see.

When is the release date?

Just like the game from last year, you can play FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 20 will be released on September 27th. Every year you can always access a game early through pre-order if you have cash. For this edition, you can start playing the game as early ass September 24th.

You should keep your eyes open because the first trailer is expected to be in June this year at E3.

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Which players are expected to receive upgrades in the Ultimate Team?

The following players who have been awarded numerous cards in FIFA 19, are going to be given overhauls in FIFA 20:

  • Nicolas Pepe: The 23-year old Ivorian started virtual life as a 75-rated card in FIFA 19 but he is expected to be boosted at the beginning of FIFA 20 to an 83-rated card. He is behind the impressive campaign of Ligue 1, which made them finish runners up to PSG. After his 12 assists and 21 goals, Pepe has been a target for transfers among the biggest clubs in Europe.
  • Luka Jovic: The 21-year old Serbian started out in FIFA 19 at the 75-rated mark, but he is likely to be boosted up to mid-80 mark in FIFA 20. Jovic has established himself with 7 assists and 21 goals in all competitions. He is now rumored to be gaining attention from Real Madrid after he made his permanent move from Benfica.
  • Matteo Guendouzi: Before joining the Gunners, this Frenchman was given a silver rating card of 67. Since Matteo has shown that he is tougher in the Premier League, he has managed to get himself a boost of a 75-rated Gold card in FIFA 20.
  • Jadon Sancho: As one of the most talented players in the season for Bundesliga, Sancho needs a good card to reflect this in FIFA 20. Despite his 5-star impressive skill moves, he has a 72-rated silver card in FIFA 19. Throughout the season, he has been able to pick himself special cards and he is expected to be boosted up to 83-rating mark.
  • Krzysztof Piatek: A success story for the season due to his antics for scoring goal after goal after moving from Polish to Genoa, Piatek then moved to AC Milan in January and has not been slowed down. Piatek’s clever movements of attacking and ability to finish should reflect in his
  •  card.

How are the game-makers raising the bar?

The following are some of the things EA can (and perhaps will) do to raise the bar and make the game more interesting:

  • Introducing dynamic weather: This is more than just creating a perfect effect but introducing unpredictability, making a player drastically change how they play. This will also make the players introduce new tactics, for example, if it rains during the matches, which can provide problems for the players—like in a real match.
  • Having a virtual reality experience: Sony PlayStation has a virtual reality headset, which is good news for gamers. Virtual reality can add more immersion to the matches and could be implemented using a camera angle. However, it is only for PC and PS4 versions. The players can then be placed next to fans and will be able to look around in their seats. The only problem is that there might be a few delays during playing, about a few microseconds.
  • Improvements in Career Mode: Players will be able to ask you to review their wages, especially if they have been consistently playing well, creating a more human element to the mode. Another improvement will enable you to adjust the prices of the tickets to be very expensive or super cheap. This will affect the attendance of fans, but it will mean that you can pay more money for top players.

You can also be a player and a manager at the same time, meaning, you can sell or buy players but also play in the team during a match. The last thing expected on the Career Mode is being able to create your own club where you have complete control over tickets, the wellbeing of the players, staff and design of the kit.

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What about the features and changes?

For the newest edition, here are some of the changes:

  • You can deliberately foul and tackle the goalkeeper.
  • You can dive intentionally.
  • You’ll have access to cheat codes.
  • The Lounge Mode—which was popular in FIFA 2010 and FIFA 2011. This Mode allowed players to keep track of who was winning.
  • Being able to build your own player.
  • Creating your own tournaments by choosing the rules, teams, and formats.
  • Introducing the Total Club Championship of FIFA 2003.

What would a professional FIFA player like to see?

After interviewing a few fanatics, here are some features avid players would like to see:

  • More dynamic and advanced skill moves
  • More icons in the game
  • Pack animations should be better
  • Increasing the variety of passes one can play
  • Adding new modes on the Ultimate Team FIFA 20

Looking Forward to the Game?

With the released date announced, FIFA 20 will be a great portal to help experience all-new features of the game. There is a lot of expectations from avid FIFA players about the new edition and hoping that the EA will deliver the most interactive game of all time.

Improving the Career Mode will get players hooked to their PS4s or Xbox’s (not that they need any more reason to be).

Introducing virtual reality and dynamic weather in the game can also give players a truly human experience and give them the ability to play the game in different ways. Some players from FIFA 19 will get their rating cards upgraded, so be on the look-out as they could be one of your favorite players.

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