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The World Cup is, without exaggeration, the greatest show on earth!

The fan fare, the colour, the drama, disappointment; a wired, wonderful few weeks every four years when one country plays host to the world.

We are walking to the beat of a samba drum at the moment as football fever reaches fever pitch…don’t worry we’ll stop the idioms there.

To celebrate the Brazil World Cup 2014, we thought we would you give you a quick run down of  all that is FIFA 2014 Ultimate Team.

Winning, team formations, goal scoring substitutes remain the core bedrock of FIFA 2014 Ultimate Team.  Throw in training, player contracts, your contract and an awful lot more then you have an indepth and all consuming game on your hands! Believe us…we know.

But getting to the top requires not just skill on the pitch, it also requires a strategy off it.  Sure you get coins for winning a game but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a run down of how you get coins, how you can get more coins and you can make your coins work for you!


1. Playing matches: Win a game, you get coins. It really is that simple. To be specific, you get 327 coins if you complete a match. Score more goals, keep a clean sheet and got it? Yeah you get more coins!

2. Play Tournaments or a Season: You need to be sitting comfortably for this one. As the season can be long and eventful…but with bigger rewards. Win a season and you are looking at least a 10k reward.

3.  Buy and sell players: Now you may not be worth what Messi is? Or you may not be able to afford Suarez, but if ever there was game where the “buy low, sell high” actually meant something then this is it. Just like in the game; sometimes you sacrifice someone for the greater good of the team.

4. Team of the week: Sometimes it is the unsung heroes who make their mark. Team of the week celebrates the best players in a given week. Released weekly they include from players. Make your move early and, with a bit of luck that players stock could double or even triple over the coming months.

5. Buy Packs: Packs provide a range of things you need: contracts, players cash and so on.  Don’t get your hopes up! The chances of getting a Messi or 25k coins is super slim but the optimist in us says there whilst small there is a chance.

6. Sell Cards: Players, sadly, come and go! One minute your a fans favourite the next you stepped out with the enemy. So if you have a player card and that player then joins a different team the value of that cards may increase as it will no longer be issued in future updates.

7.  Buy Coins: If all else fails, you buy coins from the PlayerAuctions marketplace. Check it out!!

When one season ends, another begins!

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