FIFA FUT Squad Builder: A Beginner’s Guide

FUT Squad Builder
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If you have played the previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team or are playing at the moment, chances are you’re hoping for a new start to everything—especially if your team isn’t doing so well. With this FIFA FUT Squad Builder guide, you have a chance to start afresh and avoid making the same mistakes from previous sessions. If you want to reach legendary status on the football field, things have to be perfect right from the get-go. This guide has all the preparations you’ll need to set your career on the right trajectory—giving you a head start on the challenges that you may face.

Here are the top ten things to do for you to start your FIFA FUT on the right foot!

1. FIFA FUT Squad: Make preparations

It is important to plan ahead and make the necessary preparations before embarking with your new team on FIFA FUT Squad. The first thing you need to do is understand the game. Just like any other game—online or IRL, FUT has its own rules. You need to grasp all the rules for you to increase the chances of success.

When planning, you need to set your expectations by asking a few questions such as:

  • How many teams do you want?
    • Are your objectives having the best players or will you try others?
    • How long will you play the game?
    • Are you going to buy packs?
    • Are you going to play with gold, silver, bronze or all?

The more questions you answer, the better you’ll be at approaching the game—you’re sure to get better results!

2. FIFA FUT Squad: Start as soon as possible

The chance of you being successful in FIFA 20 increases tenfold if you start sooner rather than later. As time goes by, the market will be more stable and you will get a good start if you know what you are doing. Being able to identify opportunities and predict how the market develops will enable you to form a superior team than those of your competitors, allowing you to win the game in the long run. This also means that you will get more coins and be able to build better team rosters.

3. FIFA FUT Squad: Customize your club

If you are playing the game for the first time, you will be required to choose a name for your club. If you’re a returning player, you most likely won’t be able to change your name after your initial choice.

The following steps will help you in customizing your club:

  • From your starter pack, choose the nationality of your best player.
  • You can choose a player on loan.
  • Choose the main as well as the alternative kits.
  • Finally, choose a preferred badge of your club.

4. FIFA FUT Squad: Sell all your cards

When you have a club name, you will be given packs—including a starter pack—which will enable you to start playing by giving you everything that you need.

  • This includes enough players, one badge, one ball, one stadium and home and away kits. The cards that come with this pack are non-tradable, so you cannot sell them. You only get what you get.
  • If you played FUT 19, you will have cards. You will also be given player packs. Each one has 4 gold player cards, 4 silver player cards, and 4 bronze player cards. You can make your club self-sufficient by changing your cards into coins, except the ones that you cannot sell. This way, you can build a team from the ground up.

5. FIFA FUT Squad: Collect even more Coins

The coins from selling the cards may be enough to get you started, but if you have other opportunities to collect even more coins, go for it! You can do this by going to the new “Seasons” window and trading your FUT 19 coins, if you have any, for FUT 20 coins.

6. FIFA FUT Squad: Start trading

Now that you have some coins, the next step is to maximize them through trading. You need to study the market so that you can invest carefully:

  • Remember not to trade all of your coins, keep some of them aside as a safety net.
  • You should not be restricted to having a schedule for selling and buying coins, trading should be a continuous process. Your first cards can cost between 150-300 coins and you can sell them for a 50% profit.

Once you gain a profit of 30k coins, you can widen your trading to players and other things in your checklist.

7. FIFA FUT Squad: Hire a manager

Now that you have enough coins, it is time to invest in a capable manager. This is the most important staff member in FUT 20 as they will help you manage contracts. You should take more caution in this step and choose your managers with utmost scrutiny. Pro tip: Always go for the cheapest and make sure that you are hitting the 50% bonus.

8. FIFA FUT Squad: Buy contracts

It is important to buy contracts as soon as possible, especially if you are planning to play in the Weekend League.

  • Contracts will enable you to put your players on the bench or reserves when they are injured or tired until they recover instead of using a fitness card or injury card.

9. FIFA FUT Squad: Form your team

It’s time for you to build a dream team. By now you probably have a clear idea about the players that you want. But don’t get ahead of yourself; you still have to consider the chemistry among them.

Take these factors into consideration:

  • Players from the same league or the same nationality will have great chemistry.
  • Also, consider your player’s skills and attributes before selecting them. Your perfect player should be one that fits your style of play.
  • Analyze the stats that are important to you and then choose players based on those crucial numbers.

10. FIFA FUT Squad: Play

Finally, it’s time to show your mettle; the rise to glory starts now. If you took notes and followed these tips, you should be ready to go because, by now, your club has everything it needs to win!

  • We would recommend you start by playing the easiest games before proceeding to the most challenging ones.
    • However, avoid friendly matches or seasons because they are not rewarding.

Use your first players from the starter pack until they expire from their contract as you cannot sell them.

Final thoughts

Following the above tips will give you a good start in FIFA 20. Prepare yourself by understanding the rules of the game before starting FUT 20.

Start as soon as the season starts and you will have a greater chance of winning.

You have the chance to customize your club and begin collecting some coins to make your club self-sustainable.

Trade more coins for more rewards but do this very carefully. Hire managers and buy contracts to ensure that your players have a higher chance of winning.

We hope these tips have helped you build a successful squad!

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