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From FIFA 14 to FIFA 18, FUTWIZ is an online community for the most dedicated FIFA players. Since the announcement of FIFA 18 hitting the market FUTWIZ has opened up for the new edition of the game.

With the release date of September 29th on PlayStation, X-Box and on your PC, there are three different pre-order offers available that coincide with the FUTWIZ community.

Along with the release of the edition of the game comes a variety of FUT Icons that are confirmed to be in the game. Fans can rejoice with the confirmation of these Icons replacing Legends, like Ronald Nazário, or R9. These Icons will be available on all versions of the game so regardless if you are playing on your PlayStation, your X-Box or your PC, you’ll have complete and total access to legendary players and ultimate soccer icons. So, let’s get into FUTWIZ FIFA 18.

On this site, you can be a part of a community that has common interests in mind and common goals — to be the best FIFA player out there.

As for FIFA 18, it is one of the most properly advanced editions of the game to date. If you’re still not sure and don’t know how adequately detailed it is, we’re going to let you in on this little quote:

What EA is Saying

To deliver innovation in FIFA 18, Cristiano Ronaldo’s data was recently recorded during a training session at a mobile EA Capture studio in Madrid. Data capture of Ronaldo’s acceleration, run cadence, skills, and shooting technique were all recorded to bring veracity to his likeness and personality in FIFA 18. His data also informed important gameplay elements including fluidity, player responsiveness, and explosiveness.

This means that the data that the game has is the most accurate and up-to-date, detailed, and advanced when it comes to getting the game’s newest edition as realistic as possible.


It has everything you need when playing FIFA 18 for all fans and players of the game. On the site, once you’re a member, you’re granted full access to all data forums and community questions, answers, and conversations that lets you express yourself and connect with other members. The site grants you access to many components that can get you ahead in the game including:

FUT Draft

With the FIFA 18 Draft Simulator on FUTWIZ, you can get the full and complete experience of the real game simply by connecting with our site’s component. You can simulate how to play, trying and creating a team in a true simulation play, with the highest rated FUT Draft out there.

As you’re participating in these drafts, you are also competing. If you have a high-rated draft, you can score high on the leaderboard and earn rewards.

Career Mode

This component on the site can grant you access to the players and potentials of each. With this part of the website, as a member, you will be able to search and see FIFA 18 Career Mode players and all of their potentials, the highest players on the market, and several statistics, like the team starting budgets.

Squad Builder

On FUTWIZ, you have the opportunity to build your own squad with the tab located on the site called FIFA 18 Squad Builder, giving you the opportunity to build an Ultimate Team Squad. In this building option, you can choose between using an automated or customized builder to create your team. The automated builder gives you options to choose from, which, if you’re a beginner, can help guide you through the beginning steps of choosing the best team out there. With the customized builder version, you have the freedom to choose the players on your team and test them out.

Months Top Squads

This unique feature allows its members to compete to have your squad be measured as the top-rated FIFA 18 squads on record over the last 30 days. With this chance to compete, you are up against various other squads across the world from players just like you. You will be matched up against everyone else to see who truly is best in various scores according to rating, chemistry, and overall.


On FUTWIZ, you’ll also be granted access to FIFA 18 Players, regardless of how high they are rated — you can even have access to the highest-rated FIFA 18 players. This is done easily, simply by a search. You can easily search players by selecting specifics ranging from rating, league, nationality, minimum and maximum price range, preferred foot, age, height, specific trait, and position.

Through this feature, you can search for specific players, any of them in the game, and view all of the specific data that might suggest you choose them for your team. All of these players come with measurements and statistics that give you the ability to search. You can then search for players through in-game attributes, meaning pace, shooting, dribbling, defending, passing, and physical sections, which makes it different than all the other editions and games.

Custom Card Option

On the FUTWIZ site, you can customize your personal playing card with the FIFA 18 Custom Card option.

Also regarding the card, you can use FUTWIZ to open packs with their pack opener, choose which year to look at and get into any pack that is stored in your FUTWIZ club. Through this feature, you can check which players you need to pack and which you have already packed. You can make it competitive against yourself and other players, but attempting to complete a full set of players. Through FUTWIZ, you’ll be rewarded. The highest rated packs on the site and with a user will be on display in the pack opener leaderboards.

It’s a Wrap

We hope that this guide has helped introduce to you the concepts behind FUTWIZ and what it’s used for. If you haven’t got enough of FIFA 18 simply by playing it on your device, you can always check on FUTWIZ to go beyond what the game has to offer.

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