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Who knew mixing the gameplay of the Fungi event (capture fungi and use them in battle) and the Theater Mechanicus would be a hit? That’s the premise of the Fungus Mechanicus Genshin Impact event. With the fungi as your allies, defeat the mechanici that threatens your capped friends.

Event Overview

Fungus Mechanicus merges two other events: Theater Mechanicus and the Beast Tamers Tournament. As mentioned, you will be destroying mechanici that will attack your fungi friends, or at least, simulations of them. In the event context, you’re trying out a new version of Theater Mechanicus, a board game in Teyvat. Speaking of which, the mushrooms are all based on allies from the last event. Surely you’d remember Bongo-Head if you participated in the previous tournament.

Twirly-Whirly, Blitzara, and Kindlejoy will also make an appearance. The rest are other fungi that lesser-known former participants captured. While they have some similar abilities to their tournament counterparts, there are some slight differences.

You’re still choosing a party of four (two in the tutorial round) fungi to battle with. However, the controls are like RTS or MOBA controls. Yes, the event plays similarly to a game of DoTA or LoL, with up to four characters instead of only one. Another difference is that you can only trigger one skill of theirs instead of multiple. That’s their ‘ult,’ as it were.

You need 3 gels (you can see it on the bottom of the screen) to use the ult. Each sentient shroom has a different ability, though the requirement never changes. Proper management and use of these skills are necessary to defeat all the mechanici as fast as possible!

Your fungi friends have an HP bar. Depleted, they retreat and won’t be usable for the rest of the round. This will severely reduce your efficiency and make you less likely to complete the match. Avoid it at all costs!

Each round has 3 objectives you can achieve for rewards. They’re usually:

  • Complete the round
  • Have less than or only two fungi retreat
  • Finish within a specific time limit

If you want the Primogems (50 each round), you can skip the others entirely. Still, they’re not challenging objectives as they’re easy enough to achieve.

The game mode is fun and rewarding.

Your Fungi Friends

Of course, you’d need to know about your allies in the event. This will let you strategize and determine the best teams to fight the mechanici. You can choose from ten sentient shrooms. They all have three skills: an active one (their ult), normal attacks, and a passive ability.

Bongo-Head (Floating Hydro Fungus)

A friend based on your own tamed fungi, Bongo-Head. It’s your primary healer and the only Hydro-element fungi, making it indispensable depending on your strategies.

Normal Attack: Fires a ball of Hydro toward the Target.

Ability: Heals the fungi within a specific radius around it.

Passive: Every third normal attack becomes a charged attack.

Duelblaze (Stretchy Pyro Fungus)

This fungus is not based on any of the Traveler’s friends during the tournament. Still, it’s a beneficial fungus, especially with the Pyro element.

Normal Attack: Fires a blast of flames in a cone AoE in front of it.

Ability: Creates an explosion of Pyro dealing damage in a significant AoE around the target mechanic.

Passive: Every normal attack will increase its ATK by 10%, which can stack 5 times. It will be reset when a skill is used.

Twirly-Whirly (Floating Anemo Fungus)

Layla’s fungi friend helps as a support fungi with Anemo abilities. Its passive skill is instrumental.

Normal Attack: Fires a ball of Anemo at the target.

Ability: Creates a vortex at the target mechanici, dealing AoE Anemo DMG and Swirls elements involved.

Passive: Lowers the Elemental RES of mechanici when an element is Swirled.

Blitzara (Whirling Electro Fungus)

It’s Yae Miko’s tamed mushroom. This sparky shroom is one of the specialized damage dealers in the event.

Normal Attack: Deals 2 Electro-infused strikes.

Ability: Rapidly spins around, dealing AoE Electro DMG in an area.

Passive: Normal attacks lower the DEF of the target by 33% for 5 seconds.

Rocksteady (Stretchy Geo Fungus)

This lil fungus is the protective sort. It’s based on one of the fungi of the other contestants.

Normal Attack: Deals one instance of Physical DMG.

Ability: Grants all the lil fungi on the team a shield that lasts 10 seconds. The protection will prevent up to 70% of the fungi’s HP and increase their resistance to interruption.

Passive: Increases its Physical and Elemental RES by 40%

Kindlejoy (Whirling Pyro Fungus)

Haniyyah’s fungi friend that she denied for so long. Now happier and more adjusted, it’s back to join in the event’s fun.

Normal Attack: Releases a flame around it, dealing AoE Pyro DMG.

Ability: Surrounds itself with whirling Pyro energy, dealing elemental DMG to nearby enemies.

Passive: Reduces the ATK of targets hit by its attacks.

Gusto-Frosto (Whirling Cryo Fungus)

This excellent customer is the friend of another former competitor. It stays calm and collected, even in the middle of the melee.

Normal Attack: Deals 2 instances of Cryo DMG.

Ability: Creates a field of Cryo Energy, dealing elemental damage to enemies within the AoE.

Passive: Heals itself when attacked.

Magishroom (Floating Dendro Fungus)

A Dendro counterpart to Twirly-Whirly, it also holds a unique element, just like Bongo-Head. Its ranged abilities can be a strategic weapon.

Normal Attack: Fires a Dendro bullet at the target, dealing elemental damage.

Ability: Launches 5 bullets consecutively at the target.

Passive: Every 3rd bullet fired will heal the fungi with the lowest HP.

Stormstress (Stretchy Anemo Fungus)

A lil fungi based on a tournament staff’s captured mushroom; this is the only other healer in the selection. It’s slightly more flexible than Bongo-Head because the latter can only heal around itself, but Stormstress can heal from afar.

Normal Attack: Fires 3 Anemo bullets and deals elemental damage.

Ability: Creates a healing Anemo vortex around the lil fungi with the lowest health. Clears any elemental auras from allies with a brief burst of Anemo.

Passive: Increases the Elemental Mastery and Movement SPD of allies.

Stormsage (Stretchy Electro Fungus)

It’s from the same owner as the above, signified by their similar names. While the above is a healer, this one is a buffer.

Normal Attack: Releases lightning at the target, dealing Electro DMG

Ability: Gives the party the ‘Conductive Amplifier’ buff. While under its effects, attacks from fungi that hit an enemy will summon a lightning bolt as an additional strike. This can be triggered 4 times before the buff runs out.

Passive: Increases its Elemental Mastery.

Tips and Tricks

Make use of Elemental Reactions. These still apply, so take advantage. They boost your fungi’s damage output and make the rounds go faster. In line with that, you should pick and choose your fungi carefully. Aim to create a handful of reactions and capitalize on those.

Always have a healer. There are two you can choose from, and while you might get by using the shields from Rocksteady, you get more reactions from Bongo-Head or Stormstress. If you really want more damage output, the healers are better at that than the shielder.

Manage your Marvelous Gels well. They’re the ones you need to use the abilities of your fungi. They regenerate constantly, but you can always add more by defeating mechanici and collecting Plauditory Protections.

Remember to have fun! This is one of the most leisurely events in Genshin Impact. It needs a bit of supervision but not a lot of thinking. Unleash your lil fungi, and they can do the rest. Enjoy Genshin Impact and this event!

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